Tutorial of Clash of Clans


Clash of clans game


At the first stage of the game, you are placed in the tutorial mode of the game.


Here you will be called as CHIEF by the lady guide and on a popup screen, you will be asked to log in with your Gmail ID and later on, you will be asked to choose a nickname.


Remember, your nickname is what other players will recognize you by and you can change it only once after town hall level 5 upgrade.


Now let’s move on step by step.


  • Step 1: At the bottom right screen corner, you will see the indicator on the shop button.


    Click on it and you will see the only defense item available to buy, a cannon.


    Now place it anywhere close to the town hall by tapping on the screen.


    If you are done then you are now eligible to defend against enemy attack.


  • Step 2: As soon as your canon is installed, you will see two goblins coming toward your village.


    Now you will see your canon in action and it will take over the goblins.


  • Step 3: Now again for a tutorial, you will be taken to a goblin village and will be given by couple of wizards to attack their village.


    Wisely place them by tapping on your desired places and they will do the rest.


    As this is the tutorial, even if you lose it won’t harm your XP.


    If you win, you will be gifted with 500 gold and elixir.


  • Step 4: Now you are redirected to your village back again.


    What you’ll have to do now is to buy another builder’s hut.


    After this gets finished, build some gold and elixir storage and finally a barrack.


    Barracks are most important as this is where your warriors/troops are produced.


    Do keep in mind not to use the gems to speed up building process.




  • Step 5: Now upgrade both your gold and elixir storage.


    This is recommended as you are about to raid an enemy village and loot their gold and wealth.


    So upgraded storages will help you store more.


    Once that is done, tap on your barrack and select train troops.


    At your barrack level 1, you are only allowed to produce 20 barbarians.


    Within allotted window, one barbarian will be produced and will wait beside the campfire which is known as the army base.


    Wait till all of them gather over there.


    You are all set for battle.


  • Step 6: Now click on ATTACK on the left down of your screen.


    As this is the tutorial, you are still now eligible to be proceeded to perform multiplayer raids.


    So choose the available goblin village.


    Now observe wisely your enemy base and deploy your troops according to your observation and leave the rest on them.


    I bet you won this so congratulation! Now a pop up screen will show how many loots you’ve had gained and also you will get your trophies.


    Now you are taken back to the village, asked to select a name for you again so choose wisely.


  • Step 7: You are all done to proceed all by your own so, the tutorial ends here.


    Welcome to Clash of Clans.


Please Note:


  • Several times during game play you are to boost any process by spending gems, do not do that every time it is suggested.


    Gems are very limited resource and they will help you later on.


  • During the game, the only time you spend gems is while placing the builders hut.


  • You can re-edit your village layout so please do not bother how you placed your stuff on the village while in tutorial.


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