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Trophies in Clash of Clans are a way of showing just how skilled you and your clan actually are.


You want to make sure that you’re getting more trophies so that you can accomplish even more throughout the course of the game.


There are a lot of reasons you want to do this and also a lot of ways you can get the trophies that you want quickly and easily.


So what do you need to do in order to get more trophies for yourself and continue to improve your ranking as well as understand why you really need the trophies at all?


Why Do You Need Trophies?


Trophies will actually help you in a number of different ways.


First, you’ll be able to gain position on the leader boards.


Second, you’ll be able to control which trophy level players you are able to attack. Third, control which trophy level players are able to attack you.


Finally, join the clans that you want to be a part of.


How Do You Get Trophies Through Normal Gameplay?


You will get trophies when you win multiplayer battles and when your defense (or attack) wins in a raid.


The unfortunate news is that you are able to lose trophies if you are not careful.


If you lose multiplayer battles or if you lose a raid (either as the defense or attacker) you will run the risk of losing trophies.


Who You Can Attack


Attacks, within Clash of Clans, are only allowed between clans that have similar numbers of trophies.


Now this doesn’t mean that you will have exactly the same number or event that you will be within 50 trophies of other clans.


Instead, you may actually be several hundred trophies separate from another clan and still be able to attack them.


This means you’ll be able to attack clans that have fewer trophies and will then be able to earn trophies yourself much faster.


On the other hand, this also means that other clans which have hundreds of trophies more than you will also be able to attack you so that they can get even more trophies.


There are a number of clans that will engage in this behavior because they want to gain a large number of trophies in a short amount of time.


Make sure you’re watching out for these tactics because you can lose trophies if you lose during an attack.


Setting Up Your Village


In order to have a lower risk of damage when someone chooses to attack you it’s important that you set up your village in the best way possible to provide the least amount of damage.


You need to make sure that your town hall is inside your walls and actually in the center of your village.


This is where you will suffer the most if your opponent is able to breach your village.


If you can protect your town hall by putting everything else you have (including everyone you have that can fight for you) around or in front of it you’ll be able to keep your attackers at bay longer.


Training Your Fighters to Win


Even if you don’t have a lot of trophies yourself you can still earn them. What you need to do is train your troops properly.


Even if you have only two barracks you can get trained up pretty well.


Put archers in one and barbarians in the other.


If you have three barracks you’ll be able to put archers in two of them and barbarians in the other. It’s important to get more archers than anything else so that means the more barracks you have the more you should fill with archers.


Make sure you also upgrade any troops that you have so you’ll be able to battle and win.


Choosing an Opponent


You want to make sure that you attack someone that has at least 25 trophies because otherwise you’re not going to get as many trophies yourself for defeating them.


The more trophies they have the more you will be able to get, as long as you can get at least 50% destruction.


If you manage this you’ll be able to earn trophies rather than losing them.


This also works if you are raided. As long as you get 50% destruction you’ll be able to help yourself in regards to trophies rather than losing so many.


The Fight


When you fight with an opponent you want to make sure you’re using some tricks to deploy your troops.


You’ll actually be able to deploy all of your troops at the same time if you do it properly, making half-circles in both directions around the village of your opponent.


You want to make sure that you drop half your archer, followed by all of your barbarians and then the rest of your archers. By dropping troops all at the same time you’ll be able to achieve the destruction level that you need.


Another way to get a lot of trophies is to utilize minions along with your archers.


When you do this you’ll be able to trigger air bombs, which will help you get rid of everything on the outside of the opposing village.


This will allow your minions to get to the inside of the village and you’ll be able to wipe out larger amounts of your opponents troops and this is going to ensure that you get a lot of trophies at a fast rate.


Attacking outside of the walls is another way to gain trophies quickly.


All you really need to do (in most cases) to get trophies by defeating an opponent is to defeat their town hall.


If you can locate villages that have left their town hall outside of their walls you’ll be able to defeat it much faster.


Even if the clan is a lower level you’ll be able to get at least a few trophies out of the deal and you don’t even have to risk much in order to do it. That’s definitely a win-win situation for you.


Losing Trophies


It may seem like there’s a lot of work involved in getting trophies and there is, but it’s going to be worth it when you are looking to advance and you need those trophies to do so.


Of course, there’s always another side to the coin and that’s when you start getting too many trophies. Don’t shake your head.


It really does happen.


You want to keep playing the game after all and once you get too many trophies you won’t be able to attack hardly any opponents so you’ll find yourself stuck with a lot of trophies and no one even close to matching you.


Losing trophies can be annoying since you have to lose on purpose when you’re fighting a match.


But at the same time you don’t want to waste a lot of time or troops by entering into fights just so you can lose.


Heroes are actually a great way to help you with this (if you have them anyway).


Not everyone will be able to get a hero (or two) but if you have them then this will be a great way to help you slim down your trophies to attack lower level clans.


A hero is able to enter into an attack and then leave without damage.


Of course, if you leave an attack you’ll lose some of your trophies but by only putting your hero into the match and then pulling them out before they are hurt, you’ll be able to do this without loss.


It’s actually a very easy process and it means that you don’t have to worry about all the time it takes to get new troops, train them and send them into battle to die.




The key, if you want to get a lot of trophies for free, is to make sure that you’re keeping your troops, archers, barbarians and everyone you have trained up as much as possible.


That way you’re going to have higher odds of getting the damage you need whether you’re on the defense or the offense of an attack or raid. By having stronger people on your team you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.


And remember, you don’t necessarily have to win. You have to get at least 50% damage on the other team and you’ll be able to get some trophies, get less than 50% or let the opponent get 50% or more on you and you’ll lose trophies.


In order to get further in Clash of Clans you have to be able to balance out your trophies.


That means sometimes you need to gain a lot of them quickly and sometimes you need to lose a lot of them quickly.


Hopefully this will help you get started and get where you want to me.


Of course, in order to get any trophies at all (or even attack anyone for that matter) you need to understand how matchmaking works. After all, that’s how you’re going to get into an attack.

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