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Troops of Clash of clans 2


There are 24 different types of troops available to you in this game and we’re going to give you a basic rundown of each one and what they are capable of. After all, each one is important to the game and will have different skills and benefits. 


All of the tier troops are created with regular elixir in your barracks 

You’ll be able to unlock the barracks very quickly when you first begin your game which means these are the troops that you’re going to get first and the ones that you’re going to need to understand the most.


Most of your troops are probably going to be in one of these tiered levels rather than the levels that we’ll talk about after this.


Tier One Troops


1. BarbarianThese are the troops that you’re going to start out with when you initiate your game with Clash of Clans. You will automatically have a few of them and they are pretty good for menial work. They have a decent amount of HP which allows them to stand up to more damage and they train very quickly.


2. Archer An archer has a better chance of attack from a distance. They are actually capable of shooting over the walls of your enemy and can do well when they are by themselves or with a group. You can use these with other tier one troops to help defend against long-distance attacks or with higher level troops.


3. Goblin These troops are actually quite fast, especially for tier one level players. They go after resources and are not that great for trophy hunting unless their targets are gone.


Tier Two Troops


1. Giant These have a lot of HP which makes them a great block for higher quality troops that have low levels of HP. They are not very good at attacking and don’t fight clan castle troops unless they’ve destroyed everything else first.


2. Wall BreakerThese troops are used for exactly what you would think, they break down walls. They don’t actually do anything else so it’s important to keep other troops with them to fight in case they are attacked. They’ll do 40X the damage to a wall that any other troops will.


3. Balloon These are good because they are the first flying troop you’re going to get. They only work in small areas but even when they are killed they will take out troops by dropping onto them. They will also go for defensive structures before anything else.


4. Wizard It takes quite a bit to train a wizard and it also takes a lot of space to keep one but they can be excellent for damage. They destroy a lot in a very short amount of time and they can attack over a wall which makes them good for long distances.


Tier Three Troops


1. HealerWatch out for air defenses with this troop. She’s an excellent tool for your other troops because she helps them heal and take even more damage. Unfortunately, air defenses will take her out as quickly as possible so it’s important that you take them out before they get the chance to go after her.



2. DragonThese take a little longer for you to get but they have excellent abilities. They are very strong and they also have splash damage, high HP and a high level of regular damage. If you have enough of these you can almost guarantee yourself a win.



3. P.E.K.K.A.These take a lot of time to unlock but they will then deliver the highest amount of hit points over other troops. They will have problems with hidden teslas so make sure that you can get rid of those before you let these troops have the floor.


Dark Elixir Troops


These troops are different from the Tier troops because they come from the dark barracks rather than from a traditional barracks. This takes a little different technique to get all the dark troops you need. They also use dark elixir to create rather than the regular elixir that is used for troops in the normal barracks.


1. MinionThese are actually capable of flying which is great because they’re one of the fastest troops that you’ll be able to get through any method. They are also very cheap to create and take only a small amount of time to actually train, which is good because they also have a relatively low hit point level.


2. Hog RiderGround troops these ones are actually rather special. They can jump over walls entirely on their own which is not possible with other troops unless they are assisted by a spell. They also don’t take excessively long to train but they are expensive. They also go after defenses before anything else which can be difficult.


3. ValkyrieExcellent for destroying anything you want extremely fast, they can take out clan castle troops and infantries. They are actually capable of destroying entire villages quite quickly if they are used properly.


4. GolemHigh levels of hit points make these great because they last a very long time. They are generally used as a target in order to protect troops that have lower levels of hit points. What’s even better about these is that they do not simply die when their hit points run out. Instead, they split into two separate, smaller troops which have lower hit points and damage but can still fight.


5. WitchA witch takes a little longer to get to by building up your levels. She also has very low hit points but she can call her own troops (skeletons) to her. This increases the amount of fighters you have and is best for protecting better troops.


6. Lava HoundThese have great hit points which is excellent for your fighting but they take up a lot of space to host. Unfortunately their damage is generally not as much as you would expect for what they require. They target air defenses over anything else and actually absorb a lot of the damage from them. If they die off you actually end up with more troops because they split into smaller versions of themselves with lower hit points, damage and range.




These are some of the most important troops in the game and they will definitely make it easier for you to defeat your enemies. They are more difficult to get however and most you will be able to get throughout the game is three. Creating heroes takes different skills and abilities as you can’t simply build them like you do with other troops.


1. Barbarian KingThis troop is actually a higher level barbarian that is capable of growing up to level 40. He is completely immortal so if he runs out of hit points he will have to sleep to regenerate. With a high level of hit points as well as a high level of damage per second this is an exc ellent troop to have.


2. Archer QueenThis queen takes a little time to achieve and she takes a lot in order to actually get too. What’s great about her is that she shoots over walls. The higher her level the more accuracy and damage she will have when shooting this way. She also shoot further than traditional archers.




Not necessarily what you might consider a ‘troop’ these spells are used to enhance your troops and make them much stronger than they would be on their own. They can be used with most troops and sometimes on their own. These spells also cost a lot of elixir to create, generally over 15,000 depending on the level of spell you want to create.


1. Lightning Spell  This takes a lot of time (30 minutes) to build up but it’s the first type of spell you have the ability to create. It also attacks air defenses, mortars, wizard towards and the clan castle to achieve the most damage.


2. Healing SpellThis also takes 30 minutes to build up but works great for any of your troops. It can be expensive to create but at the same time it can be worth it when you’re trying to keep some of your better troops alive


3. Rage SpellThis spell takes longer to charge up at 45 minutes but it will improve the abilities of your slower troops. It can actually improve their speed and their strength for a period of time and will cost even more to build than the first two spells. 


4. Jump SpellIf you want to get your troops over a wall instead of through it (as the wall breakers will do) then you’re going to need a jump spell. It takes 45 minutes to build up the spell but it will propel your troop over the wall, as many as are in the radius. 


5. Freeze SpellCapable of freezing a range of troops all at the same time, this spell will allow your troops to flee quickly or to destroy everyone who has been frozen. It even works on some defensive targets including wizard towers and mortars. It only lasts for a short time and it takes a total of 45 minutes to build.


6. Santa’s SurpriseThis is a special edition spell that was only available for a short time. It takes a total of 25 hours to create it but if you are able to create multiples (at 25 hours each) it allows you to destroy larger town halls all by themselves.


If you need to know more about the different types of defensive structures that these troops are going to fight make sure you check out some of our other articles. We’ll explain how you can attack other clans and also what you need to know about the different structures you’ll have the option to build in your town and that your enemies already have.


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