Town Hall




What is the Town Hall?


The Town Hall is like the heart of your village.


It is a structure that you get at the start of the game.


The level of the Town Hall will determine the amount of structures you can make.


There are many uses of the Town Hall but during a Clan War, the Town Hall is the pivotal spot.


Once your Town Hall is destroyed or when you manage to destroy an opponent’s Town Hall the War is over and victory is awarded to the one that destroyed it.


Upgrading your Town Hall and its uses


The Town Hall can be upgraded up to level 10.


When you do upgrade it, the Town Hall will have a number of visual changes depending on the level.


The Town Hall will also get a boost in HP but the higher the level means the more it will cost to upgrade it as well as the time it needs for it to be finished.


You will get a couple of good things when upgrading your Town Hall like experience and the number of buildings that you can create.


Just as we stated earlier, there are certain troops and structures that you can only access when your Town Hall is at a certain level.


Upgrading it also expands the amount of resources like Gold, Elixirs and Dark Elixirs you can store.


In a sense the level of the Town Hall can determine the type of troops and defenses you can build as well as the limitations.


The Town Hall during Wars


The Town Hall is the center of attention during any Clan War.


You as the defender must make sure that the Town Hall is positioned in a secure place for it to last longer.


Keep in mind that the higher the level means the larger the HP the Town Hall has.


When you’re the invader, then making sure to destroy the enemy Town Hall in the quickest time possible with minimal casualties is the key.


When you lose a Clan War especially if you’re on the defensive side, you will lose some Gold and a couple of trophies but you can always get them back.


One more thing to keep in mind is that if you invade an enemy Town Hall which has a lower level than yours, you will only get a small percentage of loot based on the gap.


Tips to utilize your Town Hall during Wars


Whenever you’re on the defensive side, make sure your Town Hall is protected well.


You can pile up walls to strengthen the defenses and set up Towers to defend against the invading enemies.


Whenever you also have the chance, make sure to upgrade your Town Hall when it’s not maxed yet.


This way you can last longer and even win a Clan War.


There is a weird tactic that players use where they leave there Town Hall undefended and lose on purpose to get a 12 hour shield.

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