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Clans of Clans game provides the players with a shop permitting them to purchase everything they need to have a complete and smoothie play.


The shop proposes to purchase:


Resources: Gems, Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir,


Defenses: cannon, archer tower, wall, mortar, bomb, wizard tower etc…and shields,


Buildings: army camp, barracks, laboratory, spell factory but also, elixir collector, elixir storage, gold mine, gold storage, builder’s hut, dark elixir drill, dark elixir storage etc…


But also decorations, which are here just to brighten up your village but have no crucial purposes.


Here are the categories of the shop:


  • Treasure: this interface will allow you to purchase all the resources you need.


    You will be able to buy the resources with real money and thanks to Gems.


    The exchange resources function is unfortunately not active in Clash of Clans.


  • Resources: you won’t find in this section the resources but only the producing and storage buildings.


  • Decorations: the decorations will have no crucial means in the game, but to make your village more beautiful and fun.


    Don’t be too pretty: you run the risk to loose gems and money for nothing.


    The decorations may have a tactical purpose though, they may be used to annoy your enemies because they will not be able to place their troops on them once they attack you.


    If you place your decorations intelligently, then it may be useful during a raid.


  • Army: with all the offensive structures enounced above.


  • Defenses: with all the defenses structures enounced above.


  • Shield: Shield will offer you protection period against other player’s raid.

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