The Shield




The shield is a temporary protection which will keep players safe from all attacks against other enemy villages. 


Each player receives a 3-day shield from the beginning of the game so that they will have time to build their village, explore the game and understand how it works.


Please also see: how getting started with Clash of Clans.

How do you get Shield?

There are two major ways on how to get Shield in-game


  • If your village is destroyed by a successful a raid from another player/village you will get a shield depending on how much damage they caused. The shield starts when they successfully destroyed your Town Hall or reach 40% of the raid.


  • Besides, you can also buy shield by using Gems in the Store. Be aware thatthey have cooldown period to prevent players from actually buying Shield every time they want. The cooldown period depends on the shield duration. To calculate the cooldown period, you need to multiply the shield days by five. If you buy a shield while you have already one active shield, the new shield period will be added to the existing one.


Be careful though because you may lose your shield – even if this was bought with Gems in the store and even if the shield has still running protection time – if you start a raid against another village in the multiplayer mode.


That way, you will receive a little pop-up window informing you that the shield is still active and that one attack will disable it.


Clash of Clans leaves you then the choice between keeping your shield or attacking one village.


This will happen only in the multiplayer mode but not in clan wars or in the single player campaign.

Automatic Shields

Shields can be received automatically with several way.


When the play begins, every player has automatically a shield for a 3 day period.


One temporary shield may be granted if the player has been attacked successfully during a raid.


If the raid has reached 40% of destruction or if your town hall is completely destroyed, players receive a 12 hours protection. If the rate reaches 90%, this is a 16 hours protection.


These Shields are removed when their periods are out of time or if the player attack a village in the multiplayer mode.

How to use the Shield smartly?

Using your defense as an offense would definitely be effective when you are climbing up to the top ranks in Clash of Clans. You will find here are most tips which you can do with your Shield. Please read also our cheats section.


  • If you are planning to upgrade important defenses or resources in your village then you should definitely get a Shield, through Gems or by letting your village raided first, that way when you upgrade no one can attack your village.


  • We advise you to never attack when you are upgrading your defenses because your defenses won’t work while they are currently being upgraded.


  • Being part of a clan war would not remove your shield even when you attack in the clans War, it only gets remove when you attack on normal.


  • If you have an automatic shield and it is almost out of time, you should attack another village for loots, upgrade your buildings, and then wait for someone to attack you so you can receive another Shield.


  • If you still have a lot of Shield and you don’t want to remove it but you also need loots, then you may attack in the Goblin’s Villages. This would give you lots of resources than most Villages in normal. Although you can only loot all of the resources in one stage, because it doesn’t refill itself so you have to go on with the other stages. We recommend doing this if you have a lot of shield.

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