The Different Ranks in Clash of Clans


Clans ranks Clash of clans

Below are the different ranks in Clash of Clans and the role assigned to each level:


The Clan Leader


The Leader is the head of the Clan and has access to all aspects of the Clan.


In order to become a Leader, the players must spend 40,000 Gold which will allow them to establish a new Clan.


The Leader has the power to promote and demote Clan members.


They can also have the authority to start wars with other Clans. The Leader also has the authority to kick out members for various reasons.


One of the main things about being a Leader is that they need to manage the Clan’s well-being.


This means that they have to check the Clan from time to time.


They also have the authority to use the Clan Message system.


Finally the Leader can step down from the position and choose a Co-Leader to take their place.


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The clan leader has also the power to demote himself from the clan and promote someone else to the position.


This move should be done very carefully since the former leader will no longer have its leader rights.


But what happens if the leader leaves without co-leader? The oldest co-leader will handle the role.


But what happens if there is no co-leader?


The oldest senior elder will then handle the role. If there is no such elder, the oldest member will take the lead.


And finally, if the leader leaves the clan without any other player, the Clan is closed.


The Co-Leader


The Co-Leader is the second highest rank in the Clan.


They have the power to promote, demote and kick members that are elders and below in terms of their rank.


The Co-Leader can also use the Clan Message system and announce important things.


They can also start wars and accept applications to join the Clan.


In order to become a Co-Leader, the player must be an Elder.


They can apply for the position but it is mainly the Leader that has the power to promote them.


They can also donate a lot of troops and be active most of the time.


The Elder


The Elder is just below the Co-Leader in terms of their ranks.


The Elder though has a limited range of powers compared to the higher ranks.


Elders can only accept invitations and kick members. They don’t have the power to promote or demote anyone.


When they do kick members, they will have a time window before they can kick another member.


In order to become an Elder, one has to be able to donate at least a couple of hundred troops.


They should also have a good record and be participative for a large portion of the Clan’s endeavors.


The Member


The member is the lowest rank in the Clan. Players that are Members don’t have any authority whatsoever.


They cannot invite, promote, demote and kick other members. They do have the chance to rise above their ranks.


This is why some members are usually active and tend to donate a lot of troops to get them up to at least the Elder rank.


Members that aren’t serious with the game are often kicked out while some just opt to leave the Clan when they get a hefty donation of troops and they even join another Clan.


The Clan Messages


This is also referred to as the Clan Message system.


The Leader and Co-Leader can use this feature to send a message to the entire clan about something important.


They do have a limited character usage which is around 256 and a 12 hour cool-down before they can use it again.

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