Getting Started in Clash of Clans




The first thing you get to do when starting a new game in Clash of Clans is the tutorial.


Despite being a pro player or new, you will undergo the tutorial whether you like it or not.


The good thing is that you get some freebies from the tutorial as well as tips especially if you’re a new player.


Now that you’re finally getting started you would probably wonder what to do first and what not to do.


Use the best out of your Shield!


Clash of Clans is about making your village better and of course the art of clashing with other Clans.


Now if you’ve just started, clashing against other Clans immediately isn’t the way to go.


You need to first build up your village for the task ahead.


If you’re worried about getting attacked by other Clans then there is nothing to worry about as long as you have the Shield.


It is a state where you will not be attacked by other Clans for three days – your first 72 hours in the game. 


Then again make sure you don’t attack other Clans because that removes the Shield if you do.


Gather your Resources


The first thing you should do is gather resources.


Ignore putting up base defenses like cannons and walls.


The main thing you should focus at least in the first 2 days – 48 hours – while your Shield is up is making resources.


You’re limited to Gold and Elixir for now so make sure you focus on them.


Upgrade your Gold and Elixir Storages when you have the chance so that you can make some units but have a nice storage for yourself.


Don’t try to build another Gold and Elixir storage for now as you can do that later on.


Make sure to just upgrade when it comes to the storages as well as to the units that are harvesting these resources.


If you want you can also do single player campaigns and fight some of those goblins for added resources.


Don’t spend your Gems yet


During the tutorial and if you ever get some achievements during the time span you are rewarded with some Gems.


You do get them either way when you start a new game but one thing you should consider is that you don’t need to use them right away. 


Don’t bother using the Gems to speed up the process of construction as it would still make it in time.


Reserve those Gems for the days that follow after the Shield is gone.


Making your defenses


When your shield only has about a day left, make sure that you set up your defenses now.


Start producing a good amount of units as well as placing defense structures and traps.


Place walls around your village to secure important parts and place a suitable amount of archer towers and cannons.


The placements will determine your fate in battle.


If you do get attacked and lose then the effect won’t be as painful yet but be prepared next time.

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