The Gems in Clash of Clans




Gems are a form of in game currency for Clash of Clans.


It isn’t a resource that is used for buying items in the game but it can be used in a similar process. 


Players a total of 500 free Gems when they start the game. However they lose half of that for  the tutorial but they still get 250 free Gems when they continue the game so that isn’t too  bad. 


What are the Gems for?


There are many different uses for these Gems in Clash of Clans.


Just as stated earlier, they can be used to purchase certain items in the game.


While players can buy items with the in game resources like Gold and Elixirs, using Gems to buy them can also be a good way. 


Gems can also be used to buy in game resources.


Players can use them to buy Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir to save some time harvesting resources.


Speaking of time, one other purpose is that they can be used for speeding up production time.


This allows building creation and troop training to be faster.  


This can also apply to upgrading buildings and resource collecting which can be sped up with the use of Gems.


How you can get Gems in Clash of Clans?


Players may be wondering how players can get Gems for Clash of Clans.


The most convenient way to get them is to buy them with the use of real life currency. There are certain denominations when players buy a stack of Gems. 


Just remember that the more players buy means the more expensive it can be. Then again it’s not that expensive to an unacceptable point. 


Players can also get Gems from completing Achievements in the game.


Completing Achievements can be done when players do the necessary requirements like harvesting a sufficient amount of Gold or upgrading a certain structure.


Just remember that Achievements can be done once only depending on the tier. 


Gems can also be obtained by clearing obstacles in the game.


Should you get Gems?


Getting Gems in the game isn’t really required.


Players can still play the game like most people that do get Gems.


Players just get delayed a bit but there’s nothing stopping you from playing the game even if they don’t have any Gems. 


Players can invest in getting Gems but they don’t have to get a lot of them but just enough for their needs. 


Questionable ways to get Gems  


There are a couple of questionable ways to get Gems that players shouldn’t do.


Players get to read some of those cheats sites and links that tell that they can get free gems or unlimited gems for Clash of Clans. 


Make sure to ignore these because these sites are usually a fraud or end up giving players viruses or ad spams. 


There are also third party software tools that claim to give you free and unlimited Gems in Clash of Clans.


While there are effective tools for this process, they usually are a bit risky to use. 


Keep in mind that Clash of Clans is an online game and security with these kinds of games are tight and you wouldn’t want your account to be banned.

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