Gaining Experience and Leveling in Clash of Clans


Levelling up clash of clans

Playing Clash of Clans doesn’t always mean that players have to go to war all the time or mingle with other Clan mates.


Players have to do their part and that is to level up their base to better help their Clan. It may take long and may take some resources but gaining experience and leveling up is a good method to help Clan to progress.


In order to level up, players need to gain the required amount of experience points in their experience gauges. The amount needed increases the more players level up but the scaling isn’t too demanding.


Gaining experience in the game


Just like most games, the players need to gain experience in order to level up the base. There are different ways for the players to gain experience points.


The first way is building and upgrading certain buildings and structures. That is one of the ways the players can earn experience. It’s also important to note that each structure have different points to give.


There are those that are a bit high and some that are just right but there are those that can give the same amount regardless. Just remember that the longer a building takes to finish the bigger experience it gives. 


The second way is by donating troops to the players’ Clan. This is why the players need to build many structures especially those that can manufacture troops.


The players can donate them to fellow Clan members and gain easy experience. Just keep in mind that there are situations where the players cannot gain experience from donating troops.


This is a means to avoid spamming and abusing the system especially if the players just cycling and donating the same troops over and over again to a friend and they do the same to the players.


The third way is by destroying the opponent’s Town Hall. This one doesn’t tend to give much but it is still a way to earn good and easy experience.


When the players destroy enemy’s Town Hall, they will get a corresponding amount of experience similar to that of the Town Hall.


The fourth way is by destroying a Goblin Town Hall during the single player campaigns. It does have the same effect as destroying another Town Hall in the multiplayer mode.


The fifth way is by clearing obstacles in the areas around the base.


There are obstacles like rocks and trees that the players can clear out.


Clearing these obstacles out will require some resources but the players are rewarded by an extra space as well as experience points.


Keep in mind that removing obstacles will take time and the longer the time it takes to remove these obstacles means the more experience the players can get.


Then finally the players can obtain experience points through obtaining achievements.


Now achievements are something that can be unlocked when accomplishing a certain act.


Just like getting the achievement of Nice and Tidy.


This achievement is unlocked whenever the players cleared a certain amount of obstacles.


The players are rewarded with experience points and gems for each tier of the achievement.


There are a couple of achievements in the game and it is important to note that there are three tiers for these achievements.


Going back to the Neat and Tidy achievement, the first star or tier one is achieved when the players managed to clear 5 obstacles.


The second star would require 50 obstacles and the third one would be 100 obstacles.


All achievements scale the same way and it is also good to note that achievements are one time benefits.


Once the players achieved a star, they can’t achieve it again.


What the players can get when gaining a lot of experience and leveling up


The players may wonder what they are going to get by continuously gaining experience and leveling up.


If you think that it will influence loot or matchmaking, you are wrong. The only thing that will influence matchmaking is trophies and loot is town hall.


So, the answer is simple, with experience and level up, the players get to unlock and use certain things in the game that they wouldn’t be able to access at certain levels.


Then again these things are mostly just decorations and don’t change much of chances in war.


In a sense they are just for esthetic needs. Then again if the players have a liking for these things then they can benefit greatly.


Just to give an example, they can buy a Pirate Flag at level 1 but can only buy a Point Flag at level 12.


Town Hall level increases experience gained


The players have the need to upgrade the Town Hall which can cost some resources but it can give some benefits.


When the players upgrade the Town Hall can lead to some good things as well as increasing the experience points the players get from creating other buildings.


To give an idea, a level 1 Town Hall can give the players 74 experience points for putting a Cannon. When the players have a level 5 one, they can get 939 experience points for putting the same Cannon.


Make sure the players upgrade the Town Hall for more goodies.


Earning experience quickly


There are different ways to gain experience really fast but that would depend on the resources as well as the amount of time the players allocate when playing the game. Ignore the aspect of the resources needed because let’s say players have a lot of them.


If the players spend a lot of time playing Clash of Clans then the best way to gain experience quickly is by donating troops. Generating troops can be very fast and some can be made under a minute.


The more troops the players produce in an hour mean they can donate them easily for fast experience points.


Now if the players have less time to give to the game then they best bets are doing the achievements and making structures.


When you can’t play for another couple of hours, make sure you make or put a building that will take hours to complete that way when you play again there are experience points waiting for you when you get back.



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