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There are a range of different defensive buildings that are used throughout Clash of Clans and you want to make sure you understand what each of them are able to do so that you can use them most effectively.


Here we’ll talk about their benefits and drawbacks.




Walls are the best way for you to defend yourself and your army as well.


You want to build these walls around your resources in order to make sure that they are protected when the enemy comes.


As you continue to upgrade you are actually able to upgrade your walls as well and this makes them a lot stronger than they are normally.


Just make sure that you are putting up walls in a way that is going to keep your enemies out and also protect the rest of your buildings and your army at the same time.


They can be broken down however so you want to make sure you have plenty of walls that will slow down your enemy so you can defeat them before they break through your walls.




This is one of the first defensive objects that you are going to have the opportunity to get.


As such, you want to make sure that you take advantage of it.


They will fire rounds within a fairly decent range (moderate compared to some of the other defensive items we’ll talk about).


They also attack ground troops and have the ability to continue upgrading to become extremely powerful against smaller groups of your enemies.


Make sure that they are close to the outside of your base to serve the most good.


Archer Tower


You will receive an archer tower fairly quickly in the game as well and you will then be able to do some damage to your opponents.


Now you’re not going to give as much damage as you would with a cannon (archers are smaller after all) but you will be able to defend some smaller units fairly easily.


You want to make sure that you put them near cannons as this will help you protect your cannons from air units which cannot be fought off by a cannon.




Mortar is great for delivering high damage and it serves a lot of damage in a wider area as well.


What you want to do is make sure that you position your mortars further back from your walls.


The reason for this is that you will not be able to attack anything too close to the mortar.


This is a long range weapon after all.


You’re also going to want to continue upgrading your mortar as it’s capable of defeating archers at a same level.


So if your level five mortar goes up against a level five archer they will defeat the archers with only one shot.


Air Defense


Air defense is going to affect the air units that come at you.


Unfortunately it is not able to defeat anything that shows up on the ground.


One benefit of this type of defense tower is that you are actually able to reach out a very far range and create a whole lot of damage at the same time.


You need these far inside of your base and also pretty far spread so you have a better chance of defending, especially against healers and dragons.


If you don’t have an air defense you’ll have a hard time fighting against both of these.


Wizard Tower


This is not going to give you a whole lot of damage but it is going to work quickly.


You’ll be able to branch out further and hit a lot of different units, both ground and air.


Not to mention you’ll be able to attack anything that’s very close to you (but not very far away).


You want this one close to the middle and definitely close to resource storage buildings.


This is best against goblins because they can’t outrun these towers.


Air Sweeper


The air sweeper will help you destroy air troops simply by pushing them away.


It doesn’t do any damage but it does blow out air which will push your enemy troops (those in the air anyway) back further so that you are able to destroy them with other defensive weapons.


Of course, you have to make sure that this sweeper is facing in the right direction because it only fires within 120 degrees.


You want to make sure if an air sweeper is not capable of blocking a specific area you want to have some type of air defensive building covering that area.


Hidden Tesla


This is actually a type of trap as well as a defensive structure.


It only works during certain times however, which means you can’t just use it right from the start.


Instead, you have to wait until an enemy gets close to the trap.


Then you’ll be able to activate it and fire a quick attack on units.


It only attacks in a medium range which can be annoying but it will attack either ground or air units and it will help take up less space than other defense structures which is great for you.




This defensive structure is going to use up your Elixir if you want to use it.


It’s also going to work extremely quickly so you can use it against barbarians and archers.


Not only that but you can get the same amount of damage to cannons and archer towers.


If you want to attack you are able to do so in long or short range which means you want to put it close to the center of your base so you’ll be able to use both the long and short ranges.


Inferno Tower


Now for this tower you have to have Dark Elixir and then you’ll be able to attack any unit with multi-attack or single attack.


A multi-attack will help you do a medium amount of damage and it attacks five different units at the same time.


Single attack is going to do a lot of damage to a single unit but it takes a little more time to function.


These are also the best against dragons or golems and it will keep any enemy from being able to heal the units that you are attacking (a very beneficial feature.


You want to keep this unit close to the center of the base to make sure it doesn’t get destroyed and to make sure it only fights the strongest of your enemies.




There are several different types of traps that you can use from a bomb, seeking air mine or skeleton trap to a spring trap, giant bomb and air bomb.


These are usually not very expensive and what’s even better they are going to be triggered automatically by troops that move into their space.


You have to make sure to re-arm all of your traps after they have been activated once or they will not be useful to you again.


These will help with your defensive strategy and can be upgraded as you continue to advance your buildings and your base.


For more information about your base and some of the other structures in the game, make sure you check out some of our other articles.

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