Clash of Clans 15 Best Defense Tactics (No 11 is amazing)


clash of clans best defense tactics


If you’re just getting started with Clash of Clans you’ll need to know how to get a good defense strategy and how to avoid attack.


Consider several different Clash of Clans defenses because this is how you’ll accomplish more and protect more of your base.


We’ll talk about some of the best defense strategies that you can use.


With each of these you’ll be able to keep your troops, your resources and your overall base much better protected from the ground and the air as well.


1. Don’t Let Attackers in Without a Fight


The first thing you want to do is make sure that you are keeping your attackers out as much as possible.


Sure they can eventually fight their way into the base you’ve created, but that doesn’t mean that you have to make it easy for them.


You want to make sure you keep your buildings inside of your walls and that you’re also keeping them close together.


If you have more than one space between your buildings it means your enemies can span in those spaces and they are able to attack your buildings without having to work their way through the walls.


Don’t let that happen.


2. Use the Center


Now if you’ve looked at your map at all you know there’s a heavy grassy area where you aren’t able to build.


This is all the way around your space so make sure that you don’t build anything near it.


The problem with this is that you can’t build on that grassy space but your enemies are able to pop in completely unannounced.


You want to make sure you make them fight their way into your base so you don’t want to build up against a corner.


Build in the middle of your space so you can continue to build additional defenses all the way around.


This way you can also continue to build outward as you get more resources.


3. Slow Your Enemies


When you build up walls it makes getting into your base a lot more difficult.


Your enemies have to take the time to break through those walls and you can be attacking them with some of your best buildings while they are doing it.


If you put walls even inside your base you can protect your best defensive buildings a lot easier.


Your attackers and enemies are required to break through those walls (at least low level enemies are) before they can get anywhere near the actually building.


Make sure that you are prioritizing different buildings that need protection most and start there.


You can add more protection to other buildings as you get more resources.


4. Know Your Defense Range


Each defensive building that you place has a distance at which it is effective.


Each building is going to have a different size range which may be close or far.


For example, your mortar will reach an outside circle but will miss a smaller circle in the center.


The ‘miss zone’ (which you will be able to see as a red circle) is the area that your defensive building or tool is not capable of fighting enemies within.


The second circle is going to show you the space that your defensive building is successful in.


This is where your enemy can be and you can get them.


You want to make sure that you’re certain of the range of each defensive building that you place so you can be sure your enemy is always within range of at least one defensive building.


5. Space Your Storage



The important thing you need to keep in mind is that your storage should never be altogether.


If it is you are opening yourself up to a lot more problems.


You could find yourself coming back to the game only to find that you’ve lost a good share of your resources and from more than one enemy.


After all, if all of your resources are in the same place and one attacker is able to come in and get some of them another attacker will be able to get in and take more resources without even having to fight at all.


This way you lose even more and you end up with the most damage between you and your enemy.


In the end you lose out a lot more than you may have thought.



6. How to Surround Your Base


You have a couple options for any of the buildings that you place outside of your walls.


If you want to still keep them defended you can choose to place them very close to your walls.


This allows you to use your defensive buildings to protect them and it also allows you to keep enemies from showing up too close to the walls you’ve erected.


On the other hand, if you place these buildings further from the walls outside your base you may find that you are even better protected because your enemies show up further out and you have more time to defend against them.


If they are close to your walls you can get rid of more of them while they fight your other buildings.


On the other hand, if they are further out they will have the opportunity to destroy some of your outer buildings without you being able to defend against it.


7. Defend Against Wall Breakers


Wall Breakers are going to take out your walls quite quickly.


You want to make sure that you make it as difficult as possible for them.


Make sure you keep them in mind when building up your walls.


If you build walls within walls you will slow down the wall breakers and the rest of your enemies will have a much more difficult time getting through your walls (or fighting anything within your walls) any other way.


So you’ll be able to keep picking off the enemy even while they are simply trying to get into the base at all.


8. Keep Your Base Protected


The best way to keep your base protected is with a shield.


But you don’t want to spend all of your gems on shields because they’re very expensive and they just don’t last that long.


There is a way that you can get a very easy shield however, without costing much of anything.


The way you can use this Clash of Clans defense strategy is to place your town hall outside of the walls of your base.


Any enemy that comes into your area and destroys your town hall will be able to get gold and elixir from your town hall but then you will get a shield that lasts 12 hours, so you can build a new town hall.


This is called a farming layout.


9. The Hybrid Layout


This layout is one that works great if you’re able to stay online and play the game a lot longer.


Instead of placing your town hall outside the walls (which gets you attacked more frequently but also helps you get a free shield, with this method you will move the town hall back and forth.


This allows you to move the town hall outside your base when you are going away for a while and bring it inside when you’re going to be playing.


This way you’ll be able to stop some of the attacks and you can continue to fight those enemies.


Make sure that you switch some things around so you can then get your town hall out of the walls without leaving spaces that will let your enemies in.


10. Funneling Enemies In


If you really want to make sure you get the most damage possible you want to take some time to arrange your buildings to bring your enemy to a specific area.


What you want to do is make it easier for them to get into one section of your base and then make sure that the easy road is going to take them straight to your highest level of defense.


You want to be careful that the path is not too easy however because your enemy may catch on.


Instead, make sure that it still takes time to follow your ideal path but that it’s easier than any other path.


That’s how you’re going to lure the enemy in without them suspecting a thing.


11. Be Present


The best way to protect yourself and protect your entire base is simply to be online all the time.


You want to make sure that you are there as much as possible because you can defend against the attacks that come your way. 


Of course, it’s impossible to be online at all times, but the more you can be there the better off you’ll be.


After all, the best time for your enemies to attack you is when you are away.


If you’re gone you can only supply the automatic defenses to your base. It’s only if you’re there that you can reduce your damage from attacks.


12. Use Your Storage


A lot of people like to store their items in collectors and simply allow them to develop the way they want.


Yet you want to make sure that you aren’t doing this.


The reason for the problem is that you could end up losing a lot of your gold and elixirs if you let them remain in the collectors.


This is because they are going to have less defense than the storage buildings that you also have throughout your base.


Make sure that you transfer anything extra that you have to storage buildings and keep them secured to mitigate your losses from attacks.


13. Use Shield Time


You will have only 16 hours with your shield and that means you need to make sure that you use it wisely.


If you waste your shield time or if you give it up early (by attacking someone else) you could miss out on some of the benefits.


You want to make sure you achieve as much as you can within your base before you attempt to break the shield and jump into too much.


This is especially true when you are at a lower level as you want all the protection you can get.


14. Make Your Base Complex


It’s important to make sure that you have a very complex arrangement for your walls and your base.


You want to be careful that your walls are not square cornered as often as possible.


This means you want to be sure to create a maze, something with dead ends and turns frequently but no four way corners.


This will help you confuse your enemies as well as getting them stuck more often, which helps you give more damage than you will receive.


15. Keep Your Towers Protected


You want to make sure that your towers are well protected, especially when they are higher level because this is going to keep you safer.


Be very careful to place them properly and then make sure that you use them well to protect yourself.


If you really need to advance even more you need to not only defend yourself but also to attack well.


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