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Clans Types


There are 3 Clans Types in Clash of Clans : Anyone Can Join, Invite Only Clan, Closed Clan.


Anyone Can Join


Open for everyone but needs to have the minimum number of trophies set by the clan to be able to join it.


[To void the minimum trophy requirement, you need to receive an invitation from an elder/co-leader/leader of the clan].


Invite Only Clan


You need to have the clan set minimum number of trophies to be able to apply for this type clan.


Your join notification will pop-up on the clan chat screen and a elder/co-leader/leader is required either to let you in or not.


If they reject, you’ll have to wait up to 8 hours to apply for the same clan again.


Numerous numbers of clans can be applied in at the same time and you will only belong to the clan that has accepted you before any other clans.


Closed Clan


Even if you have above minimum requirements and there are rooms, you can’t join here.


You need to get a personal invitation from any elder/co-leader/leader of the clan to be able to join it.


Minimum Trophy Requirements


The trophy amount can be set from 0-4200.


This will help you to filter players with fewer trophies if you are looking for strong players with more trophies for your clan.


If you have trophies as required or above as required, you are eligible to join in the clan and even if your trophy amount decreases after joining, you will not be automatically kicked.


[In clan, a senior level player can kick junior level player. For example, an elder can kick a member out, co-leader can kick both elder and member and a leader can kick out anyone he/she wants].


Clan Badge


Besides your clan name, your clan badge is the thing that upholds your clan’s dignity.


Clan badges are designed by the leader while creating his own clan, which can later be modified by co-leaders as well. Super cell is providing you with 79 patterns, 12 colors and 20 borders.


So choose wisely from them and create own clan badge.


[You need to have required clan castle to get access to badge borders].


Clan Bookmark


On any clan info page, you will see a blue ribbon which is known as clan bookmark.


You can bookmark 30 different clans in order to access them quickly.


They are sorted by their clan points.


Clan XP and Perks


Besides clan members, the clan itself levels up ranging from 1-10.


By winning wars, clan xp are gained and this helps a clan to level up. By leveling up your clan gets access to new perks.


Once your clan has earned xp, when it will level up it will receive new perks which will speed up various clan processes.


There are basically six types of clan perks:

  1. The troops request wait time perk reduces the clan member’s wait times requesting troops. With each improvement of this perk, waiting time gets reduced by 5 minutes.
  2. The donation limit perk allows the clan members to donate more troops. On level four with the improvement, the donation amount increases by 1 and in level 8 with the second upgrade, it increases by 2.
  3. When the donator donates troops, the donation refund perk allows him to receive a certain amount of refund.
  4. The donated troop upgrade perk will automatically upgrade the donated troops (Not above troop’s maximum upgrade level).
  5. War loot extra storage perk extends the war loot storage of the clan members. It can be upgraded 5times and with each upgrade, the storage increases by 10%.
  6. The War bonus extra loot perk can be increased four times at clan level 3,5,7 & 9. It increases the bonus loot earned from a war.

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