The Clans in Clash of Clans


Clans of Clash of Clans

The Clan is group of players that band together for their common goal whatever it may be aside from playing the game.


How to make a Clan ?


Whenever a player has finished repairing their Clan Castle, they can choose to join or create a Clan.


Creating a Clan is very easy as you just need to do some minor customizations.


You just choose your badge and the name of your Clan however some names will not be allowed or may have already been taken. 


You should also set the Clan as to what kind it would be as to a closed, anyone can join or invite only.


You can also choose to write the description of the Clan as well as the minimal to zero number of trophies needed to join.


Finally just pay the 40,000 Gold needed and your Clan is made.


How to join a Clan ?


There are three different ways to join a Clan but they all require you to finish repairing your Clan Castle.


If you want to join then you can choose to apply to certain Clans that are set to “invite only”.


This means they’ll only let members join if they feel like it. They will send an invitation to that player to join their Clan.


The other way is by joining those Clans that are set to “anyone can join” You wouldn’t need to apply to join as you can automatically join upon clicking the confirmation.


This is why its important to read the Clan description to see what the Clan is made for and if you would want to join it.


The final way of joining which is actually hard is only getting invited by Clans that are set to “closed”.


They are closed so that means you can’t apply to them as they’ll only send out invites to the members that they would want.


What goes on in a Clan?


There are four ranks in a Clan namely the Leader, Co-Leader, Elder and Member.


That is usually one of the goals you should strive which is to increase your rank in the Clan especially if you’re together with people you don’t know. 


Then of course the main point of the Clan is to gain ranks and notoriety.


We’re not talking about the members’ ranks in the Clan but the actual Clan ranks.


Getting to the top is really tricky but if you’re ever featured in the top 200 Clans then that’s always a good sign but you can always slip out of it. 


You increase your Clan ranks as your members get more trophies.


The number of trophies is calculated in a formula and not simply totaling up all the trophies of all members in the Clans.


Why you should join a Clan ?


While its not a requirement to join a Clan to fully enjoy the game, it’s usually better to do so.


The reason for that is players get to interact with other people.


There are those that make Clans simply so that the can invite and play with their friends or family. 


The reason as to why you should join a Clan is for fun and support.


Members of your Clan and yourself can donate troops to other members.


It’s also essential that you gain trophies in the process.


It’s a give and take scenario so you should also expect a good return once you have something good to give.

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