Clash of Clans: Hopper






Hoppers are players who frequently switch or “hop” between multiple clans.






Popular Friend – players with friends in multiple clans may switch clans to keep in touch with those other players.




Power Leveler – players who want to work on achievements and try to level up as fast as possible may switch clans in order to give troops to the greatest number of people.


Unloyal – players looking for the strongest clan may switch between clans until they encounter one that seems powerful enough, and typically do not stay long in clans with troops that seem weak.




Moocher – players looking for handouts of troops switch clans to beg until they are kicked from a clan or no longer receive gifts.


Plague – players seeking only to do harm might join a clan and request to be promoted in rank, at which point they will begin kicking other players in the clan.


Troll – players join clans only to annoy and badger others until they are kicked out.


Advertisement – in order to recruit players for their home or base clan, players may switch into different clans and promote their main clan.


Indecisive – players may join and leave open clans over and over, either to annoy the leaders of the clan or because they cannot decide whether they want to be permanent members of the clan.


Spy – in the time before a clan war, players may switch between competing clans in order to share secrets.


They will record the available troops in a clan, as well as contents of Clan Castles to alert their own clan.


Advantages and Disadvantages


Power leveling hoppers can be advantageous to clans because they often give troops, though these may be low level troops such as Wall Breakers or Goblins.


Hoppers who are not loyal to a single clan benefit a clan while they remain in one.


Likewise, hoppers that switch between clans in order to socialize with their friends may help out those clans, especially since players who have multiple friends have likely been playing for a while and may be very powerful.


More often than not, hoppers are bad for the overall state of a clan.


The moocher causes clan supplies to be drained, which could be better spent elsewhere.


The plague may thin out the numbers of a clan unless they are discovered early and quickly kicked out.


Trolls typically do not harm the clan, but may reduce moral and distance players.


Players who advertise other clans may further thin out the members of a clan if players decide to check out these advertised clans.


Indecisive players may be an annoyance for leaders, and tie up a spot that may otherwise be filled with a dedicated player.


Spies, by alerting a rival to troops and players in a clan, and turn the results of battle.


Clearly, hoppers play a large role in Clash of Clans.


This is to be expected, given the intensely social drive behind the game mechanics.


Sometimes, hoppers can be good for a clan, or at least neutral in their influence.


Other times, hoppers can be a minor inconvenience or even detrimental to the overall status of a clan.


As a Clash of Clans player, it is best to be aware of these different types, especially for those in leadership positions in clans.

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