Clan Castle


Castle Clan


The Clan Castle is a structure that is needed for the player to join a clan.


The players will get a ruined version of their Clan Castle whenever they start playing Clash of Clans.


They will have occasion to upgrade the structure as they progress in the game.


The better their edifice is means the more they can utilize it in the game.


What you get from the Clan Castle


The Clan Castle is a useful construction in Clash of Clans.


It serves as a defensive or offensive unit defending on how you use it. When you have a rebuilt it, as well as being in a Clan, you can request units from other Clan members and you can donate units as well.


Donating will give you some experience and getting donated will give you some useful units for those Clan Wars.


Try to also level up your Clan Castle to be more effective.


You can also have your War Loot stored here which is usually consisted of gold, elixir and dark elixir resources.


Leveling up your Clan Castle


When you first get your Clan Castle in Clash of Clans it appears as a pile of ruin.


You will then have to rebuild it first with the use of Builders.


When you do rebuild or level up your Castle, there are some requirements for it.  


One thing is that you will use gold for it and each level upgrade will cost different amounts of gold.


The higher the level means the more gold it will require.


Gold isn’t the only thing that you necessitate as you also need a town hall prior to leveling your building.  


The upgrading and leveling will require a town hall to be at a specific level before you can upgrade it.


Then of course there is the wait time for the upgrade to take place which takes hours and the highest level being two weeks.


When you upgrade your Clan Castle you get a bunch of good things.


Upgrading and leveling your Castle in the game will increase its hit points.


That means more life to spare and will last longer in the Clan Wars.


Leveling your Clan Castle will also increase the War Loot capacity which allows you to store more gold, elixir and dark elixir.


Strategically use your Clan Castle


When using your Clan Castle in Clash of Clans, you have to use it strategically.


You have to know and combine which troops you would want on your building.  


Keep in mind that you can move the edifice to position in on the map.


You can use it defensively by having Archer units on it since they can shoot over walls and have a long range.


You can also use it offensively by having the right units that will initiate the attack.


Requesting the right troops from your Clan members to make a good formation is the key to victory.

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