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A Builder’s Hut is a structure in Clash of Clans that allow you to build and upgrade structures.


Each hut only has one builder so you’ll be able to create on structure at a time. Builders can also remove obstacles on your village giving you more space.  


Depending on the structure you’re building will determine how long it will take to complete.


The Builder’s Hut like any structure is present in all of your Clan Wars.  


How one can get a Builder’s Hut 


When you want to get a Builder’s Hut the best way to do it is by buying Gems.


These Gems aren’t too expensive anyway so you could just buy them.


Then again you can always get them for free but you need to have to wait for a long time.  


Information on Builder’s Huts

  • Hut 1 can be obtained for free during the tutorial session when you start a new game.
  • Hut 2 can also be obtained from the tutorial but you will be forced to use 250 Gems for it.
  • Hut 3 costs 500 gems and you can earn these Gems by completing the initial achievements.
  • Hut 4 costs 1000 gems which you can also gain from saving and doing all those achievements.
  • Hut 5 costs 2000 gems  and you will need to pay up with money or do any other achievement or remove obstacles.


What are the advantages gained by buying more Builder’s Huts?


One thing is that you get to create more structures in a short amount of time.


When you only have a 2 of them you will be pressed for time as some structures take hours and even a day to finish.


If you have five of them then you can pretty much make 5 structures in a short amount of time.


Having more Builder’s Huts assures you the chance to be more prepared for incoming Clan Wars.


Just remember though there are no other ways to obtain a Builder’s Hut other than paying through Gems.


If you want to get all of them without paying then that would be really hard since you can only muster around 1500 Gems free if you complete all achievements and that is not enough.  


Builder’s Huts during Clan Wars 


Builder’s Huts are still structures so they are present in your village during Clan Wars.


They can be used defensively in any way that you would need to.


You can use your Huts to surround your Town Hall to cover as walls.


These Huts have ample HP bars so they can at least add some layer of protection to your Town Hall.


These Huts can also be placed in the outer rims of your village.


This serves as a distraction to other enemy units that are invading you. Then of course these Huts won’t get destroyed should you lose a Clan War .


Avoid the illegal Huts


There are some third party programs that claim that they can give a Builder’s Hut for free.


If this is either a hack or a glitch, avoid using it since it can be game breaking for you.


Just obtain these Huts the legal way even if you have to spend money on it which isn’t that expensive anyway.

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