Builders in Clash of Clans




Builders are essential for your success in Clash of Clans.


They are responsible for keeping your clan safe, installing new buildings and even getting the resources you need for survival.


If you don’t have enough builders you’ll find yourself struggling to advance as you continue through the game.


Of course, you can’t get an unlimited number of builders throughout the game.


The max you’ll be able to get (if you can afford them) is five. Luckily you are able to get two just for finishing the tutorials through the game so you will be able to get a decent amount done just with that.


Adding Builders


The only way you’ll get extra builders is to use your gems. Though it can be expensive to purchase gems you can earn them as you go through the game.


They can be used for a variety of different purchases through the game but buying builders is definitely an excellent way to use them.


After all, more builders will help you accomplish more (and faster) as you continue playing.


Many game players will tell you that the best thing you can possibly do with the gems you earn (or purchase) is to get as many builders as you are allowed.


Builder’s Huts


You need a builder’s hut in order to get each of your builders.


Each is going to cost you a little more which means it makes it far more difficult to get to five builders.


The first hut is completely free and you’ll get it when you finish your tutorial.


Builder’s Hut 2 will cost you 250 gems but they will be provided to you and you will be required to purchase it at the end of the tutorial.


Builder’s Hut 3 costs 500 gems, which means you’ll either have to purchase additional gems or you’ll have to save a lot as you complete different achievements.


Builder’s Hut 4 costs 1,000 gems and Builder’s Hut 5 will cost a total of 2,000 gems.


Both of these huts will be extremely difficult to save up gems for which means you’ll likely have to purchase some gems though it’s not required.


What Your Builders Do


Your builders (along with your villagers) are in charge of taking care of your town hall if you find yourself under attack.


Their huts can also serve to help you if you’re under attack (as long as you place them near the outside edges of your map). These will slow down the enemy as they attempt to attack.


On top of the benefits that your builders provide when an enemy or opponent attacks, they also upgrade and build structures as well as getting rid of obstacles in the way of your building process.


If your heroes need upgrading you will use your builders for this as well.


Keep in mind that your builders can only do one thing at a time and different tasks are going to take different amounts of time.


That means you need to take care to set up longer tasks for when you’ll be away for a longer period of time.


What your builders won’t do is upgrade troops or villagers.


They also won’t do anything that you don’t tell them to. This is why it’s important to consider different tasks and the amount of time required before you assign a builder to it.


You cannot change tasks once one is started but will instead have to rush the task (by spending gems) or wait for it to finish.

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