Clash of clans best attack tactics


Player versus player combat in Clash of Clans involves a number of different strategies and tactics.


When conducting an attack, players must be cognizant of what troops they use and tailor their strategies toward their ultimate goal.


Whether players are looking to farm gold or loot, or if they want to prioritize trophies, certain strategies work better for specific goals.


Even after deciding to focus on farming or trophies, any particular base will be weak to certain strategies and well defended against others.


Planning for an attack, players should send in the best troops for the situation and be careful not to waste troops on an otherwise avoidable failure.


Studying over the advantages and disadvantages of troops and base layouts is the best way to gain a good understanding of what is effective against what.


As with any sort of multiplayer combat, no individual strategy fits all situations or appeals to all players.


Some tactics work well for farming and gaining trophies, across all players.


Other Clash of Clans strategies may only benefit one focus or the other.


What one group of players considers the best strategy for a specific goal may not work as well for another group of players, whether because of play style or personal preferences.


The best advice is for players to tweak and test strategies to develop their own play style.


By wasting a few troops here or there and risking losing a few trophies or loot, new strategies can be developed that are more effective than what already exists.


Work on your own strategies, discuss tactics on the forums, and figure out what suits your play style best.


1. Farming


The main goal of farming in Clash of Clans is to obtain as much loot or gold as possible, usually at the expense of trophies gained from multiplayer victories.


Farmers often focus on obtaining Elixirs or Dark Elixirs.


In order to maximize gold and loot payoffs, certain strategies and troop distributions can be used with traditionally better returns.


Barbarians and Archers


With a fast fabrication rate and low cost of production, the combination of Barbarians and Archers is great for cheap, frequent attacks. Optionally, some players choose to throw in some wallbreakers to accommodate for play style.




Obviously, the fast and cheap elements of a Barbarian/Archer army are the biggest benefits.


This reduces a strain on the player’s gold reserves, which is especially beneficial if the player is farming for gold rather than loot such as Elixirs.


Furthermore, it promotes frequent and numerous attacks, ideal for players who are able to sink a lot of time into the game every day.


Instead of waiting around for armies to build numbers, players are able to mount more attacks very often.


This army style is fantastic for blitzing collectors with the goal of obtaining loot.


After locating the collectors, drop a few Barbarians for outside collectors or Archers for collectors behind walls and let the troops work their magic.


Space out the troops when possible, to prevent enemy defenses from wiping them all out quickly.


Furthermore, this means that troops will often share enemy damage and last much longer before falling.




Troops with low cost and fast production times are logically not very strong.


As such, the biggest problem with this build is that Barbarians and Archers can be easily taken down by splash damage from medium strength bases.


Understand that a greater volume of troops will be necessary due to their lack of individual potential.


Final Notes


A Barbarian/Archer build prioritizes speed, so don’t waste troops that you can save for future attacks.


Send in what maximizes your loot payoff and then move on to the next target.


Avoid splash damage and you should be able to put in several attacks with decent payoff very frequently.


Barbarian, Archer, and Minion


For players who don’t care about farming for Dark Elixir, Minions can be added to the Standard Barbarian/Archer build to hasten troop production with Dark Barracks at the cost of Dark Elixirs.


This results in more consistent attacks, and a better payoff of gold and standard Elixirs.




Similar to the Barbarian/Archer army, this modified build with Minions focuses on a high rate of troop creation for as little gold as possible.


The specification reduces the efficiency of gathering Dark Elixirs, but may increase gold and Elixir collection and allows the army to more effectively attack bases without much of a defense against air attacks.


Minions make this army adaptable in that collectors guarded by only ground defenses have no way to shut down air attacks.


By attacking with specifically air or ground attacks according to a base’s weakness, this can reduce the total number of troops spent in any one attack and promote more attacks.




Since many players seek to get as many Dark Elixirs as possible, the cost of maintaining this build may be seen as a downside by some players.


Furthermore, the army maintains the disadvantage of splash damage weakness seen with the Barbarian/Archer build.


With the addition of air attacks, this Clash of Clans strategy is more susceptible to defenses such as Wizard Towers, Air Bombs, and Air Defense towers.


This is one more element that players must be aware of, making for a generally more complicated build and play style.


Final Notes


More variety in troops allows for a more adaptable army, but also opens up more places for failure and requires more care in which troops to use where.


This army style maintains the speed and cost efficiency of the more simple Barbarian/Archer build, but at the cost of Dark Elixirs and ease of play.


Goblins with Wallbreakers and Giants


A popular army for low level townhalls, this build utilizes Goblins for attacks with Giants to tank damage and Wallbreakers to push through minor defenses.


The best attack style with this army is to push in and ransack Collectors before your Goblin troops can be defeated.




This army is great for obtaining specifically loot, and can be created quickly with minimal cost.


It excels in bases with collectors along the outskirts or grouped in a single area.




Even more than other farming builds, this army is incredibly weak for earning trophies.


Players who care at all about maintaining a balance between trophies and loot should keep away from this build as it is entirely concerned with gaining loot.


Bases loot contained within walls or dispersed throughout are difficult to crack, as this build has very little ability to break through anything more than low level walls.


Final Notes


This army is mostly suited for grabbing up unprotected resources along the outside of a base.


It is limited in usefulness, but allows a high volume of low cost attacks against targets it is geared for.


Healer and Giant


Incorporating Healers and Giants into an army introduces much more strategy and versatility, but at the cost of production speed and maintenance price.


Archers, Barbarians, or Goblins are used for the main attacking force, but Giants pull damage from the target’s defenses while Healers keep the Giants alive.


As such, it is better for players who play Clash of Clans less frequently and can afford to wait for the army to build up.


Also, the cost of this army makes it ill suited for getting Elixirs.




If players can get over the cost and time of this build, it is perhaps one of the most versatile armies available.


Very few bases can efficiently shut down this strategy for players who know how to employ it well.


Keeping focus on the Giants and maintaining them with Healers allows ample time for other troops to work through any target’s defenses.




The greatest disadvantages of this build are the cost and production speed.


Players who invest a lot of time in Clash of Clans may be frustrated at how long they must wait for troops to be created.


The cost makes this build far less effective at building up Elixir stores.


During an attack, the biggest issue with this strategy is keeping Giants alive and within range of defenses.


Traps can push Giants away from the action, and leave your other troops wide open to be destroyed.


Bases that are designed to lure Giants through a maze can easily wipe out your tanks before your other troops have a chance to get at any available loot.


Final Notes


A slower and more strategic build, Healer/Giant combinations are best suited for players who want to add some complexity to Clash of Clans and use a variety of attack styles. It has high cost and time requirements, but can result in a ludicrous payoff.


2. Trophies


Clash of Clans players who want trophies above all else must be willing to sacrifice loot and gold in order to maximize their chances at taking down enemy bases.


The two main strategies for obtaining trophies are frequent small wins or less common large wins.


Focusing on a high volume of small wins for fewer stars requires more play time and opens players up for a higher risk of losing battles, but requires far less cost for troops.


This strategy is ideal for players who put enough hours in the game to maximize the volume of attacks.


Building up for more seldom large wins for more stars allows players to devote less time to the game and typically requires less risk for loss, but requires expensive troops that may be difficult to maintain except by purchasing gems.


Players who are unable to constantly monitor the game or those who are willing to put real world money into Clash of Clans may find this strategy more desireable.


Wizards with Golems and PEKKAs


As a large attack build, this army requires a long time to manufacturer but typically pays off with more stars per victory.


Wizards serve as the main damage dealers of the army, while a combination of Golems and/or PEKKAs serve as tanks to pull enemy damage away from the Wizards.




The biggest benefit of this build is the high damage output and massive ability to sustain enemy fire.


With so much prowess in combat, this strategy frequently pulls in 3 star wins and decimates almost any target base layout.


Send in Golems initially to get enemy attention, followed by Wizards when most of the defenses are busy dealing with Golems. Players who choose to incorporate PEKKAs should send them later to augment damage output.




Perhaps the only downside of this build is the time required to construct the army, but it is an enormous disadvantage for those who play frequently.


Unless a player is willing to boost up troop production with gems, only a few of these attacks can be pulled off each day.


One of the few deterrents to this army style is the Inferno Tower.


Try to avoid bases with these, in order to reduce splash damage to your troops and accomplish more with your army.


Final Notes


Possibly the most effective build for players willing to wait for an army to finish, this strategy is filled with heavy hitters.


Even for players who normally put in several hours through the day, it may be efficient to have this build process while sleeping since that usually guarantees several hours to work on troop manufacturing.


All Dragons


With high damage output and health, Dragons are another high star, low frequency build that essentially combines the damage of Wizards with the tanking of Golems into a single troop type.




The benefits of this army are its resistance to ground defenses and simplicity to deploy.


Other than the possible addition of Archers or Giants to clean up air defenses, the build is basically as easy as letting the Dragons loose and watching the carnage ensue.




As with any high star army, this build requires a lot of time to manufacture.


Players who put in fewer hours will typically find it better than those who require a lot of maintenance. More than other strategies, an army of Dragons is extremely weak to air defense.


Final Notes


Dragons take a while to create, but pummel opponents with high damage and the ability to take quite a few hits.


Those who are willing to wait for the army to construct should be happy with the potency of this build to tear through targets.


All Witches (Optional Giant or Golem)


This build hinges on the ability of Witches to create skeletons and outnumber the target’s troops.


Because of slow production rate of Witches, it is a high star, low frequency build.




Much like the Dragon build, this strategy is very simple and straightforward.


Witches can easily overwhelm targets with a high volume of spawned troops.




The reduced health of Witches puts them at a disadvantage to Dragons, but this can be remedied with Giants or Golem to tank the hits. As with many of the trophy-focused builds, these troops take a while to manufacture.


Final Notes


Similar to the Dragon build, this is a straightforward build with just a few differences in effectiveness.


For the most part, it just allows variation in personal play style and what players expect to encounter in their targets.


Trophy-Geared Barbarians, Archers, and Minions

A low star, high frequency build, using a farming method with alterations for trophies allows players to put in numerous attacks without waiting for long production times.




This build is great for frequent players, as the army is quick and easy to manufacture.


Though the payoff isn’t huge, the high volume of attacks adds up quickly.


Players can focus on the strategy of attacking low level opponents for a better chance at victory.




Aside from requiring a lot of dedication to the game, this build is risky in that attacking low level opponents results in a huge trophy loss if unsuccessful.


Furthermore, using low level troops allows less room for error and miscalculations.


Final Notes


One of the few high frequency trophy builds, this army is used mainly by players who spend a lot of time on Clash of Clans and want to squeeze in as many attacks as possible to maximize trophy level.




Clearly, Clash of Clans offers a large variety in multiplayer strategy and players must decide what they will prioritize and how to achieve their goals.


Even more than farming or trophy earning, individual tactics will vary based on the player’s willingness to devote time to the game or how they want to attack targets.

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