In Clash of Clans, success in player versus player combat hinges on a variety of facets, one of which is the layout of the player’s base.


Individual players determine how everything in their war base is organized, and this organization can play a large role in determining victory or defeat.


There are several different base layouts in Clash of Clans, each with its own advantages and shortcomings.


The individual player must decide which layout to go with it, and optimize it for their own play style.




The most important decision in selecting a Clash of Clans base layout is whether trophies or resources are more important.


Defense for Trophies


If trophies are more valuable to the individual as a player, a defensive base layout is the better option.


The most important element of a good defensive base layout is to protect the town hall.


Players must situate the town hall as close to center as possible, and surround it with a barrage of protective measures.


These include air defense and mortars, as well as any other defenses at your disposal.


After finding a good place for the town hall, players must alternate walls and defensive buildings to ensure the best protection possible.


The layers of walls inhibit attacking armies, while the defenses seek to eradicate those soldiers.


If a player is willing to sacrifice resources for the overall defense of the base, storage can be placed outside the town walls in order to occupy attackers before they can reach into the core of the base.


Clever players may even be able to lure the bulk of an attacking army by locating resource storage within a trap, surrounded by defenses that should be able to wipe them out.


Again, though this will certainly result in a loss of resources, it protects the town hall of a base and therefore keeps trophies for the player.


Farming for Resources


For players who value resources over trophies, their base layout should be geared more toward farming.


It is absolutely vital that the clan castle and dark elixir storage be as safe as possible.


As with the town hall of the trophy strategy, the clan castle and dark elixirs are the most important priorities for resource forming base layouts.


Other resource storage is obviously the next most important, so space them evenly around the clan castle and dark elixir storage.


Each of the storage units should be surrounded by some defensive buildings, both to protect the storages and distract attacking armies from the more important clan castle and dark elixir storage.


Outside the inner sanctum of storage and clan castle, the base layout is largely the same as the defensive model: alternating layers of defense buildings and walls, with enemy distractions in the outer layers.


Collectors can be placed in the median and outer layers, as they will often be filled with resources and keep attacking armies from venturing further into the base.


Placing your town hall on the outside of the base will distract enemies from attacking resources, but will also result in almost certain defeat.


In order to prevent a total loss of defenses, the town hall can be placed near your outer wall where enemies may not find it, rather than in the corner where it will be absolutely obvious.


Keeping higher level defenses within range of the town hall will protect the core, as well as reducing damage to the town hall.


As a precursor defense, keep collectors and high level gold mines along the perimeter of the town in order to distract armies and exhaust them before they move onto the town hall.


To augment the effectiveness of your base layout, drive down your trophy level by intentionally losing battles.


Maintaining a low trophy level will bring in lower leveled attackers, and thus improve your chances for victory.


This ultimately keeps more resources in your coffers, as your self-inflicted trophy loses will not open up storage to attackers.


Hybrid for Both


Some players may be torn as to whether they want their resources or trophies better protected.


In this case, they should try to protect both equally with a hybrid base layout.


This is the most popular type of base, as many players value resources and trophies similarly.


Since a hybrid base layout does not prioritize any one thing over another, defenses are best scattered almost evenly across the entire base.


This offers the best chance for eliminating threats before they manage severe damage to either trophy count or resources.


Though no one building is greatly protected, most of the contents of your base will be at equal risk and average out damage over the long run.


In addition to spreading out defenses, it is also wise to spread resources distributed amongst sections of the base compartmentalized with walls.


This isolates areas and protects them from damage, even when nearby segments are opened up to enemies.


Though most of the facets of a base are distributed throughout, the best place for the barbarian king and clan castle are in the center of the base.


This allows them to cover the most area effectively, and maintain control of a large portion of the base.


General Practices


Regardless of whether trophies or resources are more important, there are some ways to improve a base layout for either any of the above styles.


Wall construction should consist of two walls with a space between them or alternating lines of walls and defensive buildings.


Troops like wall breakers can break through a close double layer of walls more quickly, so spacing walls out restricts their movement.


Anything not vital to your style of base should be kept outside the walls of your base.


This offers an expandable target for attacking armies, distracting them from what you need to keep safe.


Even if buildings are deemed less important than others, a good policy is to space them out as much as possible.


Centralizing everything together gives enemies an easy target to pillage through everything at once.


By spacing this fodder out, armies are exposed for a longer time and must risk destruction while traveling between targets.


Prioritize stronger cannons in the weakest points of your wall.


Logically, a weak spot will be broken through more easily.


Therefore, having strong protection nearby reduces overall risk from incoming armies.


The stronger portions of the walls will be naturally more protected, and thus have less of a need for secondary protection.


In order to reduce the strength of any one area of your base layout, be sure to make it as spread and symmetrical as possible.


This reduces the likelihood that a large number of enemies will collectively attack a single area, and keeping them dispersed will allow them to be disposed of more easily.


Try to preemptively anticipate and shut down attacks by placing defenses near where they should be advantageous.


Spring Traps can quickly dispose of giants, so try to place them where giants will probably arrive.


Bombs are fantastic against Tier 1 troops such as goblins and archers, so make the most of your bomb placement.


Placing multiple troop spawn points along likely enemy paths will improve the number of troops that can get to enemies at once.


For example, Wizard Towers with a common range will be able to inhibit attacking armies twice as effectively.




Obviously, Clash of Clans allows players to develop an individual play style and participate in player versus player combat with their own strategy.


Players are welcome to design their base layout in any way they want.


The benefit to this nearly unlimited customizability is that players can do what they want.


This allows players to experiment with what does and does not work.


Though they will certainly lose both trophies and resources from time to time, they can play with different strategies and builds to see what works best for them individually.


Some base layouts will clearly fail.


Placing your town hall, clan castle, and barbarian king in the very corner of your base, exposed and unprotected, will certainly not go unpunished.


However, players learn from these mistakes and develop their own way to protect what is important.


If a player values trophies and multiplayer victories, the town hall is the most important building in a base.


It must be protected above all others, and resources must be sacrificed for these protective measures.


Farming players must understand that they will ultimately incur numerous multiplayer defeats.


However, if they play their cards right, they can restrict these losses mainly to trophies and keep their precious resources safe.


Most players will likely attempt to protect trophies and resources at least somewhat equally.


Though this means that a hybrid base layout will not protect as many resources as a farming base or as many trophies as a defensive base, it’s a good middle ground between the two.


Not only that, but a hybrid base does not have to be a definite median perfectly balancing both trophies and resources.


Players can tweak a hybrid base to protect one or the other slightly more, but still place at least some value on both.


In any base layout, some strategies will remain constant.


If players learn what works best across all builds, they can make an effective base for whatever they want to protect.


Maintaining a modular base and shifting things around to test their effectiveness is the best way to build a properly functional base and ensure the best chance at climbing the Clash of Clans ranks.


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