Clash of Clans Introduction


clash of clans game


Clash of clans is a very popular and trendy game created by Supercell. 


Supercell developed also the famous Hay DayBoom beach and Clash Royale games. 


The Clash of Clans game may be played on various platforms and devices such as IPad, iPhone, iPod, Android but also on PCs.


It is then available on the different stores with more than millions of downloads.


Clash of clans is a medieval strategy game bringing its players to an empire universe allowing them to build at the first place a village, which will grow and grow through the different unlock Objectives.


Players will then be invited to defend their village against the numerous enemy attacks, raid, and pillage.


In reply, the players may also raise an army of warriors and attack the enemy villages in order to take their resources.


The game gives also the players the opportunity to create or join clans to be stronger and have more benefits in the play.


One of the big advantage and key of success of Clash of Clans is that it is available for free.


However, if you want to really advance and move fast in the game, you will have to buy the games currencies with real money even if payments are not mandatory to play the entire game.


To know more about the Clash of Clans game, different defenses and attacks strategies and other tips and tricks, we invite you to follow the present clash of clans guide.


You can also go to the clash of clans wiki page, which has rich players content.


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