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Farming Guide Clash of clans

In Clash of Clans, much of the bulk of the game is spent farming for gold and items such as Dark Elixirs. In order to maximize the amount of gold and items obtained per hour of play time and inactive time, it is important to be strategic with how and when to perform upgrades.


Furthermore, players must plan multiplayer interactions to plot for the best results possible. This guide will discuss farming in Clash of Clans, including preparation for end game and how to go about farming. The endgame pivot point is defined by Town Hall level.


Though there is no hard and fast rule or limitation, it is generally accepted that farming before reaching a Town Hall level of 7 is impossible at worst and not worth the player’s time at best. Upon attaining a level 7 Town Hall, farming becomes a viable option due to the player’s capabilities.


There are still some farming limitations at level 7, however, so players are encouraged to continue working on their Town Hall. After reaching level 8, the Town Hall is advanced enough to open up farming at large, with all methods and strategies in full effect.


Upgrading Your Stronghold


While working toward a farming-capable account as quickly as possible, many things must be done out of the order players might usually expect. Furthermore, dense plans must be constructed to avoid wasting any time that could otherwise be spent advancing your account.


One of the most counterintuitive policies is that it is best to upgrade offensive units before upgrading defensive units. Players often prioritize defense in order to protect what they have already accumulated, but farming will obtain gold and items at a rate far more than anything obtained early in the game. Instead, push for the most advanced offenses possible, specifically focusing on farming troops and Laboratory spells.


Starting on these upgrades as early as possible prevents time wasted later, waiting on them to finish. Furthermore, players can later upgrade defenses after they’ve started the process of farming goods, in order to protect what they bring in.


With one of the main farming goals being Dark Elixirs, it is important to upgrade Dark Elixir storage facilities to level 6 as soon as possible. This serves a variety of functions, all focusing on maximizing elixirs on hand and minimizing those lost to attackers. With zappers and other attacks basing damage on the number of Dark Elixirs on hand versus maximum storage size, higher level storage facilities always give up fewer elixirs. Conserving the number of Dark Elixirs on hand is an important step toward maximizing the number acquired later during farming.


Upgrading barracks is not necessary, but will improve the efficiency of farming. Of course, farming can be done on a smaller scale with basically any level of barracks. However, higher level barracks allow for more troops, and more troops increase the frequency and scale with which players can farm goods. This is mainly up to player preference, but high level barracks are undeniably better and allow more freedom for the player.


There is a delicate balance between upgrading your defences and increasing your Town Hall level, regarding farming strategies in Clash of Clans. As your Town Hall level climbs higher, you are exposed to gradually more powerful opponents who are much more capable of attacking and stealing your resources. At the same time, higher Town Hall levels allow you to build up the troop and Dark Elixir stores that permit more frequent and productive farming.


It is important to upgrade in a way that suits your play style. Players who only want to farm for perhaps an hour or less per day should emphasize defenses over Town Hall level, and fully upgrade all defenses available before spending the resources for a Town Hall increase.


On the other hand, players who plan on investing several hours per day have less need for defenses and greater need for increased farming capacity. Greater investment in the game will allow you to produce more farming results, and thus allow you to enhance your stronghold more quickly.


However, the vulnerabilities of upgrading the Town Hall without maxed defenses when a player does not often perform farming runs will result in far more losses and less productive farming. In short, improving the Town Hall results in more farming, but should not outweigh the player’s ability and willingness to play the game.


As a farmer, you should prioritize resources over all other currencies and metrics. If this means losing trophies and gold in order to keep resources such as Dark Elixirs, so be it. Placing your Town Hall on the outskirts of your town will allow players looking for easy trophies to defeat you without taking your resources. This drops your trophy count, but benefits a farmer by giving them a 12 hour shield from further attacks, as well as dropping them into the trophy range of weaker players.


End Game Strategy


Farming consumes troops, so the best policy to make sure you don’t run out or get behind is to top up your barracks after every raid. This maintains the highest number of troops at your disposal, and thus keeps you prepared for future raids. Running out of troops puts a hold on farming and greatly reduces efficiency.


Active Policies


During a farming raid, be tactical rather than urgent. With three minutes available, players have plenty of time to think through the best possible strategy before making any actual moves. Think through what might work or what to avoid before committing to action.


Thoughts can be reconsidered, but action is permanent. In order to avoid wasting more troops than necessary, only send out what you believe necessary for success. Minimizing excess troops for any number of Dark Elixirs frees up troops for other raids, and allows for more farming and a greater payoff of elixirs.


Be cognizant of the risk and reward for any interaction. The randomized nature of multiplayer combat in Clash of Clans means that there will inevitably be unexpected losses, no matter how high the probability of success is. However, it is important to minimize this chance as much as possible by only attacking targets worth the risk. Even targets with large numbers of resources may not be intelligent to attack if the probability of success is low.


Targets with a high success rate but particularly low resources levels may also be unwise to attack, as the low payoff may not be worth your losses in the small chance that you do lose. With a specific focus on farming, targets with heavily defended Dark Elixir stores are bad choices. No matter if they can be easily defeated, the goal is to take as many Dark Elixirs as possible.


Confidence pays off. Only take on opponents that you feel nearly certain you have the troops to penetrate. By analyzing details about potential targets, you can deduce whether your current number of troops will be sufficient to hit the Dark Elixir stores, and thus if they are worth the time and resources to hit. Though spending gold to cycle through opponents will be expensive, farming is focused on resources rather than gold.


As long as you do have the gold to waste on a few opponents, you have enough. When your gold supplies get low, it is a good idea to farm a few targets for gold instead of resources, just to be able to skip difficult challenges.


Expect traps and surprises. Many seemingly blank spaces can contain hidden bombs or teslas, especially when oriented near important buildings. To minimize losses, try to probe these spots with low level troops before launching a full force attack. Even if there are no hidden traps, it isn’t worth the risk to push troops in unnecessarily quickly.


Pick the most direct path to the Dark Elixirs. With a focus on farming, don’t pillage an entire town and waste troops. Find the most direct route in, and stick to it. If you can save troops by not spending extra time in an attack, you can maximize the number of farming attacks and gain more resources overall.


Zapping Extra Dark Elixirs


Players willing to pay real world money have numerous benefits at their disposal, some of which help tremendously with Dark Elixir farming. One of the most effect methods is to spend gems to boost the spell factory, generating lightning spells more quickly.


Using these lightning spells, hit loaded Dark Elixir stores and drills without wasting any troops. This augments the number of Dark Elixirs attained per hour, far above what is possible with players who do not spend real world money to farm.




Endgame farming in Clash of Clans can be executed in a number of ways, but a few simple strategies and policies go a long way in optimizing the efficiency of farming techniques and minimize the amount of time spent preparing and waiting. To reduce wasted time and effort, be aware of pros and cons of every decision you make in game.


Every multiplayer interaction has a certain amount of risk, and some form of reward. The best way to maximize your gains is to not take more risk than you are comfortable with, and especially not for a reward that isn’t worth the penalty. Even if a large prize seems very attractive, it isn’t worth a long recovery if your chances of succeeding are low.


Farming is the best means of obtaining large amounts of gold and Dark Elixirs, but certain tactics are far more effective and productive than others. Rushing in without planning and strategy will eventually achieve the same goal, but much more slowly and with much more planning. Making a solid procedure in place and stick to it will result in hitting endgame sooner, and being more prepared to rake in the spoils of victory.

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