Getting Promoted in Clash of Clans to Elder, Co-Leader or Leader


Clans of Clash of Clans

You’re the type of person that wants to lead in Clash of Clans: you feel it in your bones.


Your Clash of Clans clan needs your experience, your guidance, your direction. You’re more than a pawn in the grand Clash of Clans scheme of things – you’re a King (or a Queen).


So how do you get promoted to the role of Clash of Clans Elder? Co-leader? Leader?


Here’s how.


Becoming a Clash of Clans Elder


Becoming a Clash of Clans Elder is as simple as making yourself known to the other members of your clan.


You want to be helpful, donate troops, take part in as many battles as possible.


You want to build your reputation in the Clash of Clans as an asset to the team – either by taking part in the battles, or notifying the rest of your clan in a timely manner that you’ll be unable to participate.


Becoming a Clash of Clans Elder does not mean a reduction in responsibilities, it means additional ones.


A Clash of Clans Elder doesn’t get to sit back, enjoy the title, and stop contributing – a Clash of Clans Elder has to contribute more, as well as moderate the clan.


It’s up to you to use your judgment to add new members to the clan, kick out the ones that are misbehaving, and overall keep the clan peaceful.


You’ll also want to research your clan’s criteria for promotion, because certain clans have specific qualifications for promotion.


For example, one clan might require you to donate 1000 troops every season to be considered for promotion.


Another might require you to recruit a certain number of members who are as strong (if not stronger) than a certain level.


Becoming a Clash of Clans Co-Leader


Becoming a Clash of Clans Co-Leader involves trading responsibilities for other responsibilities.


You are no longer responsible for directly responsible for inviting people into your clan, approving join requests, kicking people out, etc – you’re responsible for promoting the Clash of Clans Elders who will be doing this for you.


In a way, this still makes you responsible for the role of a Clash of Clans Elder.


If you promote the wrong person to the role of Elder and the job they do is less than ideal, you’re indirectly responsible – you were the one who promoted them!


And if you continuously promote the wrong person, you may be looking at a demotion.


Aside from promoting Clash of Clans Members to Clash of Clans Elders, you’re also responsible for helping the clan Leader to plan and execute battles.


Again, you’ll want to research the specific criteria provided by your Clash of Clans Clan (if any). Usually once you’ve proven yourself as an Elder, the criteria is a bit looser.


For example, the focus might be on setting a positive example for Members, being polite and social, and overall being a paragon of pleasantness.


It may also involve a solid investment – for example, donating at least 1500 troops per season.


Becoming a Leader in Clash of Clans


As a Clash of Clans Leader, your responsibility is to demonstrate what it means to be a member of your Clan.


You ARE the paragon of good behavior – act like it! You also coordinate attacks. Getting promoted to Clan Leader is almost entirely subjective, and rarely will the clans provide criteria for how to become a Clan Leader.


You basically have to stand out in your Clan, be the best you can possibly be, and have a great deal of patience – after all, you have to wait until your current Clan Leader steps down before you can take his or her place!

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