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Clash of Clans Tips, Easy Walkthrough (Trophies, Troops, Town Hall)


  • Never perform a revenge attack often. Getting attacked is more of like an opportunity as you can closely observe your opponent. So take your time, make a perfect planning, train and upgrade your troops if need and then attack. No one can stop you from getting the trophies.


  • While performing an attack, sincerely observe if your opponent’s town hall is 1/2 level above or below from yours as your modifier depends on it. You can get up to 150% modifier if your opponent’s town hall is 2levels above. So, spend your troops wisely if you want to taste a sweet victory.


  • 66% of the players literally give up the lightning spell as it seemed so weak to them. That’s because less of them found out a 4+ star lightning spell can blow up a mortar level 4-5! And a pair of them can wipe off any archer tower or another mortar that has been placed nearby.


  • If you are planning to upgrade your village and gather more storages and don’t want any opponents to bother you then, leave your town hall out of the walls. Let others attack and you will get a 12 hours shield at least.


  • During a battle if you see you are somehow about to lose and the button beneath says end battle then instantly click on that. You will be able to skip the battle without losing any of your trophies but you will not be able to recover the troops.


  • Some troops take long time to get trained and you don’t want to train them every time before a war. What you can do is just to deploy enough troops to destroy opponent’s town hall and then end the battle. This way you can get your trophies, save troops and win the battle.


  • If you want to avoid spring traps, bombs and tesla, simply deploy some goblins. As they are fast and able to make their way into the deep faster, this may help your powerful troops get another life and get you trophies.


  • Think you have weaker units than your opponent’s? Simply use the frozen spell and the weaker troops can get through.


  • You can identify abandoned bases easily. Their resource storages will be full, builders will be sleeping, won’t belong to any league. You can easily defeat these bases simply by deploying archers.


  • To maximize your chances to win a battle is simply by not upgrading your town hall more often. Upgrade all your troops, defenses, buildings and everything till they require next level town hall. Your chances to win can be extended by 20% by doing this.


Clash of Clans Frequent Asked Trivia (Trophies, Troops, Town Hall)


  • You need to have a level 5 town hall to build a wizard tower.

  • A level 2 barbarian troop will cost you 50,000 elixir.

  • You can only change your game name once after you have upgraded your town hall to level 5.

  • You get a 24hours bar if someone has reported you on global for being offensive.

  • To enable dark elixir drill, upgrade your town hall to level 8.

  • Use goblin to loot more resource faster!

  • Get a level 10 barrack to unlock P.E.K.K.A.

  • Use healers to extend your troop’s life.


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