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  • When you have a high position in your Clan where you can recruit, kick and promote members then there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. If you’re the leader then you pretty much need to choose players that will fit your Clan’s ideals. Regardless if you aim for being one of the high ranking Clans or winning every battle, you need to have members that will do their roles.


  • When you recruit members you can always start with friends and family to at least start up the buildup of your Clan.


  • You can also choose to recruit members that have the same time zones as you so that you can manage them. Then again you can always rely on those that can be online at specific times.


  • When you choose those that will be promoted to high ranks in the Clan make sure they are eligible and responsible. There are those that will kick for personal or unacceptable reasons. You must lecture or kick Co-Leaders and Elders that abuse their power.


  • Respect is also one of the key things in the game. You should show respect to others so that you can gain their respect as it can help build a good relation.


  • When recruiting you shouldn’t also offer up instant promotions to higher ranks just to get members otherwise they may not be suitable for the job.


  • You can entrust your high ranking members to do the recruitment job for you. If you trust them then they can pretty much do the job and find members to suit your needs.


  • You do also need to keep watch your high ranking members as they can also kick when you’re not online or you’re visiting a village which can be troublesome.


  • You yourself having the power to kick can do so if the reason is valid. You can kick members that are vulgar, useless or offensive. If its valid then no one would complain and you don’t need to feel bad.


  • In relation to inviting members, try to use the “Anyone Can Join” status. This allows anyone to join unless your clan is nearly full.


  • When you are nearing a full Clan or you aren’t satisfied with the people joining then just switch it back to “Invite Only”.


  • If you’re allowing anyone to join then post the goals and ideals of the Clan so that they can get a grasp of things. There might be some who will join expecting free stuff.


  • Your new members are usually beginners so be patient with them. You can choose to babysit them but don’t do it all the time as they will be spoiled.


  • Then again asking them what troops they prefer is also advisable so that you can donate them some.


  • In relation to donating, you should also donate from time to time to maintain a reputation for yourself.


  • Then finally don’t forget to thank members that donated to you as well.



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