Clash of Clans Ultimate Beginners Guide


Clash of Clans Beginner’s Guide

The Earlier Stages


When you’re just beginning the game, it’s best to simply do the basics. You should be too impatient about joining a Clan right away. You should iron out your skills and knowledge of the game before moving forward. One thing you should also plan out is how much time you can devote to the game.


If you can be a hardcore gamer and play for specific hours or a large amount of time to the game then that will be good. However you can also choose to spend as little time and be a casual gamer at best which isn’t so bad.


Once you get all the basic information and you’re confident or satisfied with how you perform then it’s time to join a Clan.


What To Do When Joining a Clan


One way is to make your own Clan but that can be a bit too demanding for you so the usual option is joining a Clan. Before you join a Clan you should read the Clan’s description or what they would want their members to be. This goes back to the amount of time you can invest on the game.


There are a lot of Clans that want players to be online all the time and there are those that just want casual members. If you find a Clan that suits your needs and you’ve already been able to join then its time to maintain your status within the Clan or make it better.


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How To Maintain or Improve Your Status In The Clan


When you’re a member, naturally you’ll have to maintain it. One important thing to keep in mind is that you can always leave the Clan if you’re not satisfied with it for some reason or if things go sour. It’s not like you can’t join another Clan because of it. Now we’ll go back to the part of what to do when you’re in a Clan.


One thing you have to do is to respect the Clan rules if they specifically posted any. You should also respect other Clan members as well. Being online most of the time is also ideal for your reputation as it shows you can contribute to the Clan. These contributions can also scale up to donating troops to other members.


In time you will be promoted over and over again until you’ll reach you’re desired rank or the highest rank available for promotion. Just remember that when you do get promoted, don’t abuse your power as well.


Managing Your Resources


When you’re also playing, it’s also important to manage your resources. You shouldn’t be spending too much if you really don’t need to. You can always buy resources with real money but if you don’t want to or can’t then its best to save and budget your resources for certain occasions.


Make sure to expand your resource storages and create more harvesters. Then of course save your Gems for important purposes especially the ones that you didn’t buy.


Master The Game’s Contents


When you’re playing, you should also have a keen knowledge with the game. These would include which buildings do which especially your production and defensive structures. When you also make troops, make sure you make the right ones in the right amount.


The game doesn’t always equate to quantity over quality or vice versa. It would be a case to case basis which is why understanding the right structures to place and right troops to use is vital.


Miscellaneous tips


When you have the chance make sure that you can do some or all of the achievements available. Achievements give you nice rewards and Gems as well.


When you lose a Clan War you shouldn’t feel bad, just recover and prepare for the next War.


Try to also enjoy the Single Player campaign modes as they can also give you some rewards.


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