How To Obtain Unlimited Gems in Clash of Clans in 3 minutes (Fast and Easy)


clash of clans gameIn Clash of Clans, gems are a valuable currency that is both useful and hard to come by. As such, there is no shortage of online tutorials about how to obtain unlimited gems by cheating or through hacks.

These are all fake, many of which install malware on
the unfortunate player’s device or benefit the author in some way.


It is important to be aware of these scams, and understand how to avoid them.

Why Gems are Valuable ?


Gems are extremely useful in game because they allow players to buy exclusive items, as well as reduce the time required for some tasks. They are difficult to obtain, since few actions gain gems and they are otherwise purchased with real world currency.


Since most players do not want to spend money to buy these gems, they are constantly searching for easy ways to obtain them. Hackers are aware of this huge demand, and try to make fake Clash of Clans cheats in order to prey on naive players.


If someone thinks they can get gems for free, they’ll likely try anything to avoid paying.

Cheats and Hacks



There are two main Clash of Clan hacks: with surveys and without surveys. The former cheat encourages players to complete surveys for a gift of free gems. Authors who create these surveys gain participants, but never pay the gems that they have promised.


Players who fall for this are giving out work for free.

The Clash of Clan cheats that do not use surveys rely on players giving out their username and password for gem gifts. This exposes personal information of players, which is obviously dangerous. Furthermore, these players do not receive the gems they expected to get.

How to Obtain Gems Legitimately


For players who want to get gems without paying, there are only a few ways to get free gems. The largest source of free gems is to complete in-game achievements.


As players clear these achievements and gain trophies, they are rewarded with upwards of 2000 gems. The disadvantage to this method is that achievements are limited, and no longer give gems after they have all been finished.


Besides achievements, gems can be obtained at a much slower rate through clearing Obstacles. Individual Obstacles are not guaranteed to produce gems, but they are unlimited and offer a persistent way to gain gems even after completing all the achievements.


The final way to obtain gems, though very unlikely, is to be one of the top 10 players of the top 3 clans at the end of a 2-week cycle.


These clans are given twenty thousand, ten thousand, and six thousand gems respectively, based on rank. The gem purse is distributed to each of the top 10 players.


Outside of these three options, gems are only available by being purchased with real world money. Anyone who suggests otherwise is incorrect and likely stands to gain from the desperation of gullible players.


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As with any valuable currency, there are always scams in place trying to trick people out of their hard earned money. The developers of Clash of Clans have been careful to remove any quick and easy way to obtain gems outside real world money.


This regulates the economy and prevents players from having an unfair advantage for free. Cheats and hacks for Clash of Clans, whether they involve surveys or not, do not yield any gems.


They are malicious attempts to con honest players out of their personal information or timeIt is important to be cognizant of this and only get gems from the 3 ways offered in game.

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