Clash of Clans: Top 5 Best tips, tricks, and cheats!


Clash of Clans Beginner’s Guide

Clash of Clans: Supercell hit a gold mine with this one.


All these years after the game was released, Clash of Clans still attracts new players.


As is the case with all successful MMOs, an increased fan base means more competition, which means it’s going to be tougher to get the edge on your opponents.


Do you already know all of the secrets, tips, and tricks necessary to succeed in Clash of Clans? The answer is “probably not”. So: keep reading to learn the 5 best Clash of Clans tips and tricks.


1. The first Clash of Clans tip is for beginners


So you’re just getting started with Clash of Clans: what do you do?


First, you’re going to want to join a clan.


The game is all about being in a clan so you’re going to want to make this your number one priority. Your teammates can help you out by donating troops, plus you can join forces to coordinate raids.


Two is better than one, right?


Instead of spreading your structures over a wide area, you’re going to want to clump them together. That way your turrets can cover more of your structures at once.


And while designing your base, build walls – a lot of them. Put as many as possible between your base and the outside. Clash of Clans is full of people – and most of them want your stuff.


Spend gems wisely. See tip #3. Clash of Clans gives you ample ways to spend Gems stupidly and only a couple of ways to spend them wisely. Don’t spend them stupidly!


Finally, be strategic when it comes to sending troops to battle. Even if you win, they’re gone for good.


If you send your entire army to beat a base that might only take a few choice units to defeat, you’re going to spend a lot of time rebuilding troops


2. Like Supercell’s other game Boom Beach…


…Clash of Clans uses an adaptive system to pit you against players of a similar level. That way if you’re a newbie, you’re not going to be stuck in a match with someone who has been playing Clash of Clans for a year – you’re going to be against fellow newbies.


This system can be used to your advantage, however. If you use goblins for farming and lower the trophies to below 200, you’ll remain in ‘newbie’ territory and won’t be upgraded to the heavier-hitters.



3. Gems make the Clash of Clans world go round – who doesn’t want more gems?



Gems will allow you to create units faster, complete buildings instantly, and accumulate more resources.


If you’re not interested in paying real money for gems, there is another way to accumulate them – clear away obstacles such as trees, stones, and plants and you’ll find gems.


Also, don’t forget that you can obtain gems by completing certain achievements. For example, if you steal 100,000,000 elixir, you’ll be rewarded with gems.


Speaking of gems, there are a lot of ways to spend gems in Clash of Clans, and not all of them are ideal. Spending them to speed along building production, for example, is a waste of gems.


Instead, you’ll want to focus on things such as Builder’s Huts, which can only be purchased with gems.


The first Builder’s Hut costs nothing, the second costs 250 Gems, the third costs 500, the fourth 1000, and the fifth (and final) costs 2000.


Builder’s Huts drastically improve your Clash of Clans experience because the more Huts you have, the faster your buildings will be upgraded, and the more buildings you’ll be able to upgrade at the same time.


This is better than wasting gems on instant-upgrades – increasing your upgrade speed in the long run will eventually pay for itself. Using them to instantly upgrade a building may seem like a good idea in the short term, but it’s going to inhibit your Clash of Clans experience as time progresses.


Good things come to those who wait – especially in Clash of Clans!


One side note: downloading hacks to get free or unlimited gems, gold, etc is a lousy idea for two reasons. One, you don’t know where that hack came from, or what it’ll do to your computer.


Two, gems is how Supercell makes money. It’s a product that Supercell sells. So if you’re getting gems for free, you’re essentially stealing from Supercell.


So be a cool guy/gal and say ‘no’ to hacks. Use our sweet list of Clash of Clans tips and tricks to win the right way!


4. Elixir


Wouldn’t it be great to get elixir for free! Lucky for you, there is – and it’s due to the way Clash of Clans is designed, which means that it’s a totally legal way to get an edge.


  • Step one: Fill your army camps to full, 100% capacity.
  • Step two: Head to your laboratory and initiate the upgrade for Wall Breakers.
  • Step three: Thus accomplished, queue up as many Wall Breakers as you possibly can in your barracks.
  • Step four: When the laboratory finishes the upgrade, cancel all of the Wall Breakers. What happens is the game will refund you for the upgraded Wall Breakers, even though you bought Wall Breakers that were not upgraded. This means you get more elixir refunded than you invested initially. 


And because this cheat capitalizes on the way Clash of Clans is designed, it’s totally legal, which means you’re not going to go to jail for doing it. Thanks, Supercell!


Speaking of elixir, there’s a way to protect it overnight. Here’s how.


Again, fill up your army camps to full, 100% capacity and queue up as many Wall Breakers as you can in your barracks. Because the elixirs are ‘spent’, they cannot be pillaged by attackers.


When you get up in the morning, cancel the build. Even if you were attacked in the night, your elixirs will be right there waiting for you.



5. Use Shield times wisely


Clash of Clans will give you a window of time during which you’re protected after a raid.


If forty percent of your town is destroyed in a battle, or if the attackers destroy your town hall, you’ll get a twelve hour window of time during which you can’t be attacked.

If ninety percent of your base is destroyed, you get sixteen hours of Shield time.

How do you spend time in Clash of Clans when you can’t be attacked?

Tempting though it may be, you’ll want to resist the urge to get revenge on whoever attacked you – the minute you attack another player, your Shield time is gone and you’re exposed again. 

Instead, use the respite to your advantage. Upgrade turrets, which can’t f
ire while they’re being upgraded (what better time to upgrade them, therefore, than when nobody is attacking?).

You’ll also want to use it as an opportunity to think about your base and economy (and obviously, how to improve your base and economy).

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