Clash of Clans : Town Hall 11 (Grand Warden & Eagle Artillery)

clash of clans Grand Warden & Eagle Artillery

The village guard is snoozing leaned against his spear.


Through the drowsy haze, something wakes him up and he hears a faint rumble coming from the yonder side of hills.


Is it the seasonal migration of water buffalos?


Or perhaps a stampede of angry giraffes?


And then, the unbearable stench reaches the guard’s nostrils and he immediately realizes what’s about to happen.


“Barbarians and archers!” he shouts and then immediately thinks to himself: “Good thing we placed our Town Hall outside the village walls.”


With Clash of Clans version 8.67.3 landing on December 10, we’ve got arguably the largest update the game has ever seen.


There is a lot of things going on in this update, some of which the community has not received so favorably, but in this article we will take a look at the two most interesting elements: a new hero called the Grand Warden and the Eagle Artillery, a new defensive tower.


Grand Warden


This new hero is a master of magic and excels at giving your troops a much needed defensive boost.


Roughly based on both the Healer and the Wizard, the Grand Warden is exclusive to Town Hall 11 and is available immediately after his altar has been built for 6 million normal Elixir.


Whether used to defend your base or support your army as it subdues the enemy towers, the Grand Warden combines several unique concepts that can fit neatly into any attack concept or base layout.


clash of clans Grand Warden


The Grand Warden has two modes: ground and air and is to date the only unit that can start flying at will.


This makes him vulnerable to the Seeking Air Mine but also able to accompany any army composition with equal ease. Even in ground mode, the Grand Warden still ought to be able to hop over any walls he encounters.


If the Grand Warden is interrupted at his altar by an enemy attack, he will turn into a statue and start zapping everything in sight with a beam from his staff. The Grand Warden has two abilities: Life Aura and Eternal Tome.


Life Aura


This is the Grand Warden’s passive ability that gives any nearby allied units and buildings a percentage-based bonus to hit points.


The ability has 20 levels and is capped at every level, giving 20% boost at level 1 (capped at 70 HP) and 50% boost when fully upgraded (capped at 275 HP).


This means the Life Aura is not as good on units with a lot of HP as it is on frail massable units, turning them into a decent damage sponge.


The Grand Warden’s Life Aura will remain active even in statue form, meaning that the placement of his altar is very important, as it will provide an HP boost to all nearby buildings.


clash of clans Eagle Artillery


The Life Aura allows units that would otherwise immediately die to an area-of-effect damage to survive several hits and reduces the overall impact of towers’ splash damage.


Any unit leaving the zone of the Life Aura will lose the HP boost and return back to its normal HP, which could mean instant death for small units such as Skeletons.


Luckily, the Warden will automatically go wherever the majority of the troops goes, thus providing maximum coverage with his aura, and attacking for about 110 damage-per-second when fully upgraded.


Eternal Tome


The Grand Warden has a powerful activated ability, the Eternal Tome, which gives the Warden and all friendly units around him temporary invulnerability.


Level 1 Eternal Tome grants 3.5 seconds of invulnerability, with each subsequent level extending that duration by another 0.5 seconds, up to a total of 5 seconds.


This ability is automatically upgraded every 4 levels of the Warden’s upgrade.


clash of clans eternal tome


Note that units under the effects of the Eternal Tome can be healed, even if they are being attacked by an Inferno Tower.


Though it lasts briefly, the Eternal Tome allows you to push through a heavily defended core while receiving minimal damage.


This makes the Grand Warden a good support hero for high-end attacker armies.


The timing of the Eternal Tome is of paramount essence and should be activated just as the main volley of the defender’s towers is heading towards the attacking army.


Eagle Artillery


Eagle Artillery is a new defensive structure shown in ClashCon 2015, albeit with some changes.


Just like the Grand Warden, it is exclusive to Town Hall 11 and activates only if and when the attacker has deployed 150 space of troops.


Its smart AI will calculate where it can do the most damage and readjust the aim before each volley.


Every 10 seconds, the Eagle Artillery fires three shots in rapid succession, which do massive splash damage but have a very small splash radius.


Eagle Artillery clash of clans


This means the Eagle Artillery will absolutely annihilate units with small collision sizes that tend to bunch up, such as Balloons. Overall, the Eagle Artillery and the Grand Warden negate one another.


Eagle Artillery has a significant minimum range, greater than the Mortar’s, but can essentially cover the entire map no matter where it’s built, so consider placing it in the very center of your base for maximum efficiency.


Community Feedback


The initial feedback on the official Supercell forum indicates the community sees the Grand Warden as unstoppable unless you too have a Town Hall 11 and an Eagle Artillery and vice versa.


This caused the feelings of resentment and frustration within the community since it now feels that, if one of the players has either the Grand Warden or the Eagle Artillery, the other player has to have the other to stand any chance.


Other than that, there are many complaints that the Grand Warden’s Life Aura is not described in full detail in other languages, leaving players confused as to what exactly its effect is.


clash of clans spells


Though Eagle Artillery can still be countered by a carefully planned two-phase attack, which is what Supercell keeps reinforcing as the optimal way to play, it is still incredibly difficult to defeat by using only already existing units and attack patterns.


The Eagle Artillery can be destroyed by using spells, but it would take 2 level 4 Earthquakes and 5 level 7 Lightning spells to take it down, which equals to spending 130,000 Elixir and 360 Dark Elixir to take out one building.


Overall, both the Grand Warden and the Eagle Artillery represent interesting new concepts and fresh ideas that Clash of Clans really needs at this point in time.


How that pans out and will the community forgive other changes introduced in the same update, only time will tell.


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