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We are all in this world where things has become digital and video games. The generation, which played outside games with mud and water, only is now a past thing. We focus on the latest and go the latest way as the earth rotates. Computer games are everywhere as we talk and there are millions of people who are playing them currently. Their market has as well grown so fast and doing well because it doesn’t have the age limit. We have games for kids and for the grownups like you and me. However, we can all play them together in the house and laugh together.


Video games are created and developed in a way that we can all enjoy. The developers have not left any sector of life outside their thinking. That is why you find that they have catered for movie lovers and produced the action games, sports people are not left out too with their play station, Xbox among other games. We can go from one category to another but for now let’s drop it there as they are all available at Authoritycheat.com.


While talking of cheats in a game, these are some tricks that you apply while playing and they help you play the game and make it more fun. These cheats are not found everywhere but there are source like on this website. When you are here, you can choose a video game that you want to get cheats on and apply them. We also have game codes for various games that you love.


Game guides are one great item to have a use especially when you are using a new game. This gives you some highlights on what the game is all about as well as help you play. That is one way of bringing a new game in the market and helping people interested play it and pass it by to others.


Authority cheats website does not leave you with any unanswered questions at all, this is because we have forums whereby we all discuss games and solve any hardship encountered in any of them. This platform helps us to interact with you and other game experts and we get to familiarize ourselves with various aspects’ of games that are available in the world today.You can engage with us right here on the site, through RSS, on Facebook, and via @authoritycheats on Twitter, @AuthorityCheats on App.net, and +AuthorityCheats on Google+.


You will get to know which game is making a hit across the globe and the reason why. Any latest game is always with us for your update. In addition, if there is any upgrade on the same you are going to like when you find it here as hot as it comes. This tells you that this makes it a source for all your gaming information. Tips are in full length on various games of your interest at any time. You just need to get them on you figure tips from us.


navigate without hustle in an page and place on this website as you search for your favorite game , game cheats, game hints, game tips and game codes among other things. Sign up today at Authority Cheats for any of your favorite video games and feel free to talk to us.


Mendel May (Editor in Chief)

Mendel May is Authority Cheats’s lead writer and host of the upcoming Authority Cheats podcast.May Mendel Mendel May’s best memories of video games come from the SNES with Zelda, but games really took his personal interest with the arrival of PlayStation. Smash Bros. and Mario Kart revolutionized gaming for Mendel May and he instantly fell in love. The best game series of all time in his opinion… SUPER SMASH BROS. No, it’s not perfect but the nostalgia puts it over for him. Follow Mendel May on Twitter @its_mendel  


Claire Ond (Associate Editor)

Claire (Associate) is responsible for Authoritycheats partnerships and professional relationships. She also helps Claire Dorimanage Autorithycheats content. Before joining Authoritycheats, Claire worked at several international companies where she was a writer. She has in the past also written freelance regularly. When it comes to work, she feels comfortable speaking in English but can also speak French (especially French). She enjoys travelling, music and cooking a good meal in her spare time.



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